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Trouble in the Gamma Quadrant

November 11, 2015

FNS Correspondents aboard Deep Space Nine report that all communications and traffic to and from the Gamma Quadrant have come to a complete halt.

All was fine on the morning of May 17, 2388 until 0758 hours when three words were broadcast on all channels: “Pity is Treason.” In an instant, all communication ceased and the wormhole hasn’t opened since. All attempts to send runabouts, civilian transports, and even Class-Three probes have been met with failure.

As of now, more than thirty ships, including those who recently departed Deep Space Nine, remain stranded in the Gamma Quadrant with no way home. One can only hope that foul play isn’t afoot. Cybersecurity analysts have proven that the final transmission was indeed transmitted from Deep Space 11 and it encoded with Vice Admiral Vadosia Adislo’s security signature.

Starfleet representatives aboard Deep Space Nine and Fourth Fleet Command have not responded to our inquiries.