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Trouble in the Beta Quadrant

October 3, 2016

Since the Canterra Sector was overrun by the Gorn, the way of life in that region of space has changed for its inhabitants in ways they could never imagine. What was once a peaceful and quiet region of space is now a hive of activity as Starfleet attempts to halt the Gorn’s advances…

Task Force 93 has a five point mandate, which is to provide incident response to the Gorn invasion in the Canterra Sector, monitor the Romulan Star Empire, protect the Raeyan Transit Corridor, rebuild Starfleet’s presence in the Raeyan Sector and seek peace in the Gavarian Corridor. More recently, there have been a number of issues in the Klingon Empire to deal with as well.

Speaking of the Klingons, rumours have been rife that their government system is currently unstable, although all attempts to confirm these rumours have been met with a firm denial. Despite this, there are a number of rogue elements that carried the Klingon Empire who are carrying out their own activities as they please, which does little to alleviate the concerns that a number people have about the stability of the Klingon Empire’s government.

Federation starships have encountered these rogue elements who are attempting to expand their territory into the Raeyan Transit Corridor, claiming that it is “Their rightful place of expansion”. At least one vessel to witness these events unfolding is the USS Centauri-B, with its Commanding Officer Captain Ch’qaoqihr who has shared his deep concerns about the pressure building up in the area and beyond and the uncertainty that it presents.

This means that Task Force 93 is now stretched to its limit, having to devote its resources to no less than three areas in order to try and maintain the region’s security as best as they possibly can. This devotion of resources could mean that Task Force 93 could ultimately have to draw in more reinforcements from other areas of the Fourth Fleet to stop the Gorn in their tracks, protect the vital Raeyan Transit Corridor and also prepare for the potential civil war in the Klingon Empire.

Despite all these issues however, Commodore Anin, Executive Officer of Task Force 93, informs us that at the present moment in time very little resources are diverted to monitoring the Klingon Empire, with most of the task force’s strength diverted towards the Canterra Incident in an attempt to find a diplomatic resolution to the Gorn’s invasion of the area.