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Three New TFXOs

August 5, 2020

I’m pleased to announce three changes in our task force-level staffing situation. With one transfer to a new role and two changes in availability, in the past few days we have had three individuals move from Task Force Chief of Staff roles to Task Force Executive Officer roles. It’s always exciting to announce when someone has the chance to move up, but I am especially confident in the abilities of these three in their new role.

First, because of Shelley’s move to the brand-new Dean of Cadets role, Dave has taken over as Task Force Executive Officer in Task Force 9. A long-time participant in the Star Trek community, Dave brings a wealth of knowledge with him and has already been doing a great job in helping out with the activity reporting. On a personal note, he’s someone I’ve been on games with for the better part of this decade and I’ve always been impressed with his personability and eagerness to be a positive force in the community.

Second, due to COVID-19 related time constraints, Mark M. has replaced Rippy as the Task Force Executive Officer in Task Force 72. Mark has been blowing up the activity awards since they first come out, and is a power-house when it comes both to producing content and for helping others navigate the activity system. He’s also really interested in worldbuilding and is positioned to help Chris take the Cardassians in some new and interesting directions.

Finally, as Nate would like to spend more time focusing on the games he runs, Bren has been made Task Force Executive Officer for Task Force 86. He’s already been a force for good in the fleet on the graphics team and as the previous TF86 CoS, so I have the utmost confidence that he’ll continue to be an important and valuable part of KyleB’s team in TF86.

And as a general note, I wanted to mention that it’s our intention to keep most Task Forces’ staff at two for the time being, which is not at all to discount the hard work put in by TF Chiefs of Staff during the launch of the new model, but as a recognition that the duties of the TFSS have shifted slightly now that we have a dedicated training unit. I wanted to especially make a note that Brad in TF38 (our last remaining TFCoS) has been doing a phenomenal job and we can expect to see the same kind of advancement from him when the time comes!