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Theater Changes to Output Resources

February 21, 2017

Good day,

There are some changes within the Task Force that are required to be done so that a smooth transition is performed and that operations within all sectors are within saved barriers. First I would like to thank tara for her work she has done for the Task Force in her position as the Task Force Executive Officer, however, due to certain obligations she has stepped down from this position. Therefore I would like to welcome Sinara as the new Task Force Executive Officer, he will operate in the Task Force Senior Staff as Captain David Hawkes whom will serve on the USS Fenris in the Raeyan Transit Corridor.

However due the fact that we will have the USS Thoth and now USS Fenris adding towards our list of ships, we have made the moral choice to combine these simulations and attach them as part of a new simulation that has been drafted, proposed, redesigned and finally completed into the concept most of you have waited for. Therefore the USS Thoth and the USS Fenris will operate as sub fiction under the Palais de la Concorde

The political simulation will be led by myself with the Caitian female P’Niia who will be serving this administration as the Chief of Staff. The President will be a NPC here and not playable by anyone, only some guest appearing if required. The simulation is focused on the daily work of the administration of the president and will be facing issues that is already out there. We will not be changing any canon facts and Task Forces are still free in doing what they want, we simply follow their path. People can also (by Request Form) give their opinion, issue, proposal towards the administration and it will be taken care off.

The final piece of news I have is the thing, both Sinara and myself have been working on for quite some time. My goal is to bring my Commanding Officers closer towards each other and focus on what we have and let the stories of our sims have meaning. Therefore Task Force 93 Intel Reports has been created, to give everyone that final edge of material they can freely use in their simulation. All month reports or intel reports that I or my TFXO receive will be ported into this page. This means that what your sim does, will now have effect on the Task Force!