The Shape of Things to Come Operation – Coming Soon!

February 24, 2024

In early 2401, the galaxy shuddered at the threats assailing it. The transwarp anomaly that endangered the fabric of space. The manipulations of renegade Changelings. A desolating Borg plot on Frontier Day. The United Federation of Planets was hit hardest, with countless starships lost, the ranks of Starfleet heavily depleted, and its leadership compromised through infiltration. The time has come to rebuild, consolidate, and face the galaxy boldly as the Alpha and Beta Quadrants settle into a new period of peace.

Or so they thought.

In 2023, Star Trek: Picard ended. Since the show’s beginning in 2020, Bravo Fleet has cleaved to on-screen canon, incorporating its developments into our events where suitable (Sundered Wings, Frontier Day, The Lost Fleet) and ‘staying out of history’s way’ otherwise (Echoes of the Tkon, Blood Dilithium). Where we have setting information, we’ve abided by it, such as with the fall of the Romulan Star Empire and rise of the Free State. Where we don’t, we have made conservative choices, trying to make it as easy as possible to adapt in case of new developments – such as our engagements with Klingons limited to renegade factions who could be quickly destroyed if PIC had shed light on the state of the Empire.

With no new Trek canon set in the 25th century appearing on screens for years (if ever), Bravo Fleet enters a new era of storytelling. There is no more need to be cautious in case of new discoveries in new episodes. There will also be no canon events or setting developments we can incorporate into our own stories. We remain committed to delivering a Star Trek setting that remains recognisable and accessible to new members, rather than riddled with dense, inscrutable fanon. But we are also committed to offering dynamic, engaging stories and storytelling opportunities. With the end of Picard, the time has come for bold new change.

The Shape of Things to Come is an upcoming Operation coinciding with major updates to and developments in fleet canon. Operations are fleet-wide events focusing on a series of competitions revolving around a key theme or themes. There will be no campaign, but writing will be a big feature of this Operation, which will include not only writing competitions but plenty of storytelling hooks and opportunities. Other competitions will focus on these new developments in fleet canon, immersing members in the upcoming changes to the very ‘world-state’ of the Fourth Fleet in the 25th century.

The Shape of Things to Come begins March 9th – but keep your eyes peeled for exciting updates between now and then!