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The Operation Begins!

March 8, 2024

“That’s not a Federation warp signature. It’s Cardassian,” Alesser said. He pointed to the readout. “You can tell from the variations in the mid-frequencies.”

Pullock was a name that Lancaster recognized: Pullock V was the site of the first Bajoran strike outside of their home system during the Occupation. A former Cardassian colony, it had been in Federation space for nearly 30 years now.

“A Cardassian ship using a Federation transponder to infiltrate a Starfleet facility…,” Lancaster said, trailing off as he thought about the implications. He stepped back towards the center of the bridge. “I want all salvage teams looking for even a scrap of Cardassian technology in the debris field. It’s our highest priority,” he ordered.

Before Lancaster could sit in the command seat, Lieutenant Belvedere spoke up again.

“Sir, I am receiving a general distress call from Pullock V. They say that they’re under attack by Federation vessels,” Belvedere said.

A week ago, we released major updates to Bravo Fleet canon. Most significant among these were radical developments in the Klingon Empire and Cardassian Union, events that threaten to upend the political landscape of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. This was accompanied by an Intelligence Office Story, The Death of Kings, depicting the leadership crisis unfolding on Qo’noS.

The updates haven’t stopped since! We are pleased to bring you even more material from both quadrants. First comes What’s Old is New Again, a Story from the USS Arcturus exploring tensions on the Cardassian border. Keep your eyes peeled for more Stories from the Arcturus taking a deeper dive into this fast-changing crisis.

But it’s not just writing prose and world-building that’s kept the Intelligence Office busy. Our Tech Team has been beavering away, and I’m excited to announce we have released a slew of new articles updating our Klingon starships for the 25th century! Old classics like the B’rel class have been further developed, explaining how they do – or don’t – keep up against the ravages of time, but we also have the exciting Mat’Ha and Bortasqu’ classes for you to take a look at. It’s not just the Federation who have new toys! You can see all the articles on the wiki.

It’s time to dive deep into these developments. To celebrate and explore them, the Bravo Fleet Senior Staff have released a selection of competitions themed around our new canon. From creative outputs like writing competitions, to testing your knowledge with trivia quizzes, to old favourites like jigsaws – it’s time to kick about and have fun with the new state of the Bravo Fleet galaxy.

As expressed last week, writers are of course welcome to dig in. There’s no fleet-wide mission for this period, but I’m laying down the gauntlet anyway. This is a great time to write something short and sweet, a mission of maybe a half-dozen chapters, exploring what happens at the sharp end of these game-changing events. Or write something longer! Or write something later! This isn’t a one-and-done fleet action. This is the galaxy’s future.

The Shape of Things to Come and all of its competitions will run through to March 31st.