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The Lost Fleet: Week 5 Fiction Update

June 12, 2023

War still grips the Deneb Sector. Some systems have already seen victory over the Dominion, while others still suffer terrible losses. Many engagements still hang in the balance. For most, this remains the darkest moment, where the tide may yet turn, but the battle remains as much about the soul of Starfleet as the fate of Deneb…

Week 5

Bravo Fleet Senior Staff

Endeavour Squadron

All seemed lost in the Battle of Izar when the USS Triumph was disabled by a Dominion battleship. Acting Captain Malhotra ordered Endeavour to run rather than rescue the crew of the disabled USS Nighthawk, only to be relieved of command by Commander Harrian. Endeavour seemed capable only of saving as many lives as possible in the face of defeat, until the timely arrival of the Independence and Pathfinder, under the command of Captain Rourke, accompanied by Cardassian ships of the Third Order, repaying the debt of their earlier rescue at Endeavour’s hands. With survivors of the Nighthawk transmitting the location of the system defences control centre, can Starfleet turn the tide?

Odyssey Squadron

The race is on as the Odyssey Squadron fight to remove the threat posed by the metagenic weapon. While the Odyssey remains in orbit of the Divinum colony in a bold bid to restore it’s planetary defences, the rest of the squadron head off to track down the ships that are responsible and remove the threat whatever the cost. While a think tank is assembled on the Triton to come up with a solution to deliver an antidote to any other infected world, the Bellerophon begins the hunt and comes across a lone Dominion ship. Setting a course, they head straight in to get more answers! 

Task Force 17

USS Constellation

After scouring the Deneb Sector for sensor scraps, USS Constellation has located the two surviving witnesses of the Lost Fleet’s origin in 2401.  Although the crew has come to understand the Federation science ship Sef created an artificial wormhole that burrowed into the Bajoran wormhole and released the Lost Fleet, they don’t understand why.  The architect of the Federation’s misfortune, Doctor Marl Trojet, has been left comatose and his declining health threatens to take his secrets with him to the grave: mad scientist or Dominion collaborator?

USS Kison

The Kison and the Bishop have spent days looking for the doctor with no luck. Their is only one thing left to do but the possible repercussions in doing this are high and Nitus doesn’t want to be the cause of another war.

Task Force 47

USS Atlantis

Negotiations with the Romulan Free State collapse as soon as they begin, devolving into a standoff near Handl Dryf that results in the Free State ships being ordered to leave by Administrator Dryf as his security forces arrive. With nothing left, Atlantis and Papakura both depart. The forces that Captain Theodoras has negotiated for are en route to Deneb, but what ships and forces Captain Hor’keth and Commander Grel had nearby are rallying near Leonis for an assault on a Dominion-captured world for an alliance morale win. Halfway to the same rally point, Atlantis answers a distress call from the USS Duntroon, seeing her first combat this crisis. Leaving Papakura behind to finish rescue and recovery efforts before scuttling the Duntoon, Atlantis proceeds to the rally point.

USS Pioneer

The Pioneer, after entering the nebula and searching for several hours, has finally discovered the hidden planet Saxue. Devising a daring plan to destroy the facility, the Pioneer gets ready to carry out their mission. 

Task Force 72

Mackenzie Squadron

The Dominion comes to Janoor III.  The battle is fierce from ship to planet. One battle cruiser is destroyed but the third punishes the Mackenzie to near death before it’s own death fall into the capital city of Polaris. Over three thousand five hundred are killed, more die by fire, and the squadron is left dazed but still with a mission of search and rescue to complete.  The Dominion has been pushed back, but at what cost?

USS Marduk

The USS Marduk has been retaken from the Breen. With the reveal of the Henshin device, James Olivet has rescued the crew. However, the Plesh Tral Heavy Raider is in hot pursuit. A desperate call for help has been issued, but will assistance arrive in time? 

USS Nestus

Following the sacrifice of their dear friend and colleague Theta Squad have confirmed the presence of the Breen research base. Discovering it to be a massive mobile weapons platform, with a Starbase scale dampening weapon, the team have snuck aboard to ensure it cannot be used against the Federation or the inhabitants of the Deneb Sector.  

Task Force 86

USS Mariner

The command team is focused on getting the Mariner back on operational progression. Appointing an acting Chief Operations and Chief Security/Tactical, dealing with the prisoners and their judgment and bluff their way past the checkpoint at Opaka Outpost. But because they failed to respond to DS9 hails, they got tagged by Starfleet. Mariner rushes to Deneb and receives the shared information from the Dominion Representatives that there is more going on than meets the eye.

USS Resolute

The Resolute has reached Arriana Prime and established a presence on the surface. With the aid of non-Starfleet resources, the evacuation of civilians in at-risk areas has begun, while combat teams work with local forces to secure key strategic positions. 

Task Force 93

USS Eagle

On the Lappa moon, Klunt figured out Allen and Weaver weren’t who they claimed, so he ordered his men to take them into custody.  From orbit, the Eagle fired a positron pulse at the casino, knocking out the power. They beamed Klunt on board into a holo image of an interrogation room.  Hok and Iziraa claimed to be from the Orion Syndicate, demanding the Breen deployment plans.  Iziraa and her ushaan-tor convinced Klunt to agree, though is he setting a trap?

Polaris Squadron

Nasera II was critically damaged during the Dominion occupation, and in the pitched battle that followed when Polaris Squadron retook it. As the squadron nurses its wounds in orbit and does what it can for the colonists below, Commodore Jori arrives with the USS Verity to take over humanitarian and repair operations. Meanwhile, Admiral Reyes goes ahead with a small team of operators on the USS Serenity. Behind enemy lines in Dominion-occupied territory, their mission is to surveil Jem’Hadar ship movements and disrupt infrastructure critical to the Lost Fleet war machine. Additionally, the JAG investigation into the actions taken by Starfleet covert operators on Nasera continues, and a young Lieutenant is collecting stories of the subjugated to drive a PR campaign in hopes of building awareness of what is happening in the Deneb sector.

Saratoga Squadron

The USS Saratoga and Gagarin continue their battle with the remaining Jem’Hadar and Breen ships, the hazard team arriving back being escorted by the Crimson Knights. One of the Jem’Hadar fighters takes notice and goes after them. Captain Derohl decides to bring the Gagarin around to take the hit protecting the fighters and shuttle craft. The Gagarin takes a heavy hit to their vulnerable side which ultimately took the life of Captain Derohl. With Commander Tilana now in command the two ships destroy the Jem’Hadar fighter. While the Saratoga continues its fight with the remaining ship, the USS Gagarin breaks off and heads to begin destroying the fleet yards beginning with the control center. The USS Knight meets up after finishing destroying the orbital platforms to assist the Gagarin.

USS Thyanis

Thyanis has pursued the rogue Ferengi; Daimon Tal, at high warp for several hours. The ship has just about held together under the strain until finally arriving at an anomalous region of space where the Daimon is due to make contact and deliver the stolen energy device.

Meanwhile Dr Xan, having revived the Oppenheimer Scientist Dr Sutherland – hatches a plan to sabotage the device. Onboard Thyanis, the crew enter the anomalous region and plan to rescue Dr Xan and put an end to the renegade activities of Daimon Tal.  Unbeknownst to the crew, they are about to encounter a far greater threat.