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The Lost Fleet: Week 4 Fiction Update

June 5, 2023

As the final phase begins, the battle for Deneb against the Dominion Lost Fleet reaches a fever pitch. Some encounters have been resolved; worlds liberated, futures preserved. For others, everything still hangs in the balance…

Week 4

Bravo Fleet Senior Staff

Arcturus Squadron

In a pitched battle, Arcturus engaged a Farpoint Cnidarian enslaved by a Ferengi DaiMon. During their attempt to rescue it, a combined Dominion and Breen battlegroup arrived—the apparent buyers for the entity. By weakening the Ferengi’s hold on the cnidarian, Arcturus turned a very one-sided conflict into a more even battlefield, destroying several Dominion ships in the process. When the Dominion turned on the Ferengi to seize the control device, Arcturus negotiated the release of the creature, but the Dominion quickly pursued it, leaving a Breen force behind to damage Arcturus’s warp drive. With Arcturus making repairs, Apollo must track down the Dominion vessels and ensure no more harm comes to the cnidarian.

Endeavour Squadron

The Battle of Izar is proving bloody for Endeavour Squadron, with Starfleet taking heavy losses and struggling to secure the mission objective. Meanwhile, Captain Vornar’s mysterious orders to keep the Independence out of the fight turn out to be a Changeling plot. The Changeling impersonating Vornar is forced on the run, and Captain Rourke, fresh off surviving an assassination attempt, assumes command. The Changeling’s escape is foiled only by the timely arrival of the USS Pathfinder, which has raced across the galaxy to reach the battle in time. Now, Independence and Pathfinder must turn the tide at Izar, not just saving their comrades but salvaging the battle.

USS Higgs

With rising radiation levels, the Higgs is unable to remain in the Daylos system’s asteroid belt any longer, but their hand is forced when the Jem’Hadar start firing blindly in an attempt to flush them out. The Captain orders the Higgs flown into the star’s corona where she causes a solar fusion ejection that destroys two of the three ships. Unable to remain in the star any longer, the Higgs and her crew prepare to take on the last remaining Jem’Hadar fighter.

Odyssey Squadron

Over a billion Federation citizens have been murdered by the Dominion’s hands in the Divinum system. The Odyssey, Themis, Triton and Bellerophon have placed the pieces of their puzzle together and have discovered that the Dominion has tested a new weapon, one they hadn’t had the chance to use during the war, and it has been a success. The use of metagenic weapons was outlawed decades ago by many Alpha Quadrant races, but the Dominion does not recognise those laws; instead, their specialist unit has fired it on a prime target. By taking out everyone in the Divinum system, the Dominion could claim the planet without having to fire any other weapon. Now, it is up to Fleet Captain McCallister, his squadron and their new ally in the Cardassian Union to stop that from happening and hunt this weapon down to prevent it from being used again against any other world. 

Task Force 17

USS Constellation

Following a trail of sensor logs and supposition, USS Constellation reached the apparent origin point of the Lost Fleet: the Ianua pulsar.  Puzzlingly, the Dominion has mined the star system even though the only clue to their arrival can be found in the wreckage of the Federation science ship Sef.  Analysis of the wreckage reveals the Sef had been engaged in artificial wormhole experiments, further confirmed by the Constellation’s recovery of two survivors from the Sef.

USS Hathaway

With their Captain fighting for her life aboard the Task Force flagship, there is no rest for the wicked as a new mission falls into the laps of the ever-willing Hathaway crew. With Thot Rodyn dead and his vessel in the hands of Starfleet analysts, a period of reflection leads to a crew reshuffle that pushes several officers out of their comfort zone at a point in time when stability would be greatly appreciated by all. But an opportunity to join forces with ships of the Cardassian Third Order and liberate the homeward of one of their own is not to be missed. For one crew member, it is a very bitter homecoming…

USS Kison

The USS Kison has been tasked with traveling to the southren edge of Dominion occupied space. Their mission is search for a lost doctor who was captured by the breen aboard a dominion vessel.

USS Thermodon

The USS Thermodon engages the enemy in the Ciater Nebula.

Task Force 47

USS Atlantis

As the diplomatic situation progresses, the crew of the Atlantis begins to make preparations for offensive actions. A list of targets is drawn up and considered by preparations to make the ship ready for combat are undertaken. Finally meeting with the representatives of the Romulan Republic, Commanders MacIntyre and Velan meet with Commander Grel, who the crew have some small history with. After pointing out the threat facing the Alpha and Beta quadrant powers, Grel agrees to speak with his superiors and wrangle as many ships as he can. Meanwhile Captain Theodoras has a sit down with Captain Sadiq Sayil of the Papakura, telling him what she knows of the threat present in the Deneb Sector. A multitude of factors eventually sways Sayil and he commits his ship to her cause. Silver Team continues their pursuit of the changeling aboard Handl Dryf, employing their own use of misdirection, doppelgangers and planning ahead to corner the Founder, forced to eliminate the threat instead of capturing them.

USS Pioneer

After a tense search, the crew of the Pioneer find and neutralize the changeling saboteur, though at a high price with the loss of the chief medical officer and chief operations officer. With repairs completed, the Pioneer finally arrives at Saxue to complete it’s mission. 

Task Force 72

USS Cantabras

The crew arrives at the Liakso Array and finds it mostly dark. However, sensors show warp signatures from Jem’Hadar ships that are a few days old. Officers are sent to the array, where they have several run-ins with Jem’Hadar soldiers. In a storage area, they discover a group of severely beaten scientists, and obtain their access codes, with which they secure a transmission of tactical information to the Dominion. While attempting to use the access codes to terminate the transmission, an alarm is tripped. Long-range sensors detect a ship approaching the Array, as well as Jem’Hadar soldiers approaching the command centre.

USS Marduk

The USS Marduk got boarded and taken over, now it’s up to newcomer James Olivet to rescue the crew while being stranded alone with a workerbee and a defunct comms relay.

USS Nestus

Having arrived at the Dominion border, Theta Squad struggles to gain solid proof of the Breen research facility they’ve been sent to investigate. Following a dangerous and daring recon mission, the team secure the proof they require, though ot comes at a high cost. With reinforcements arriving, it’s time for Theta Squad to put aside their grief to serve the greater good and remove the base from the board. 

Task Force 86

USS Mariner

The USS Mariner finally receives the envoy from the Dominion and is ready to move back to Alpha Quadrant. But not before the crew’s stress hits that critical point as a small group of 26 people start a mutiny. The Command Team manages to contain the problem quickly, but the ship’s morale has been hit severely. Now they are on their way back home, but there is a lot of mending to be done.

Task Force 93

USS Eagle

On the Lappa moon, concerned that Weaver is allowing her undercover persona to overshadow her for reasons she won’t explain, Allen set her straight, saying he would end the op.  Assuring him she was okay, Allen accepted this, but is watching her.  On the Eagle, Kirby is failing at acquiring the Breen deployments from Klunt, but his senior staff came up with a plan.

Polaris Squadron

In the Battle for Nasera, Polaris Squadron lost over nine hundred officers and one ship, while every other ship in the squadron suffered heavy damage. Although a high cost was paid, the system is now back in Federation hands. The squadron is now nursing its wounds and doing what it can to address the humanitarian crisis unfolding on the planet below, where a month-long Dominion occupation followed by an intense ground battle have left Nasera City in dire straits. To bolster relief efforts, Commodore Jori is en route with the USS Verity, while Fleet Admiral Reyes prepares to take a new ship, the USS Serenity, to get back in the fight against the Dominion. Meanwhile, a cultural affairs officer from the Polaris is collecting stories from the citizens of Nasera with the intent to leak them to the press, and a JAG officer is investigating possible malfeasance from the covert team that helped retake Nasera.

Saratoga Squadron

With both the Saratoga and Gagarin along with the fighter unit engaged with both Jem’Hadar fighters and Breen scouts. The hazard team sets out onboard a shuttle heading towards the Lungurn Fleet Yards Command and Control Center. Upon arrival they made entry using a dead zone underneath a nearby asteroid. They began to clear the control center of both Jem’Hadar and Breen soldiers as they made their way through the base towards where their main computers were located. After the team cleared the control center, both Nilah Virahl and Savu were able to sabotage their systems bringing them down and inoperable. Not only the control center but across the fleet yard making it taking them out easier. The hazard team boarded the shuttle and began their journey back to the Gagarin so they will be able to start phase three of their plan.

USS Thyanis

The away team from Thyanis board Oppenheimer station and discover evidence of a failed Jem’Hadar assault. The team successfully shut down the Singularity core and secure the sole surviving scientist. Meanwhile, Thyanis encounters Daimon Tal once again, Thyanis is fired upon and forced to retreat while the Daimon and his crew beam aboard the station and capture the Singularity device and abduct the scientist and a member of the Thyanis Crew – Doctor Mollia Xan. The Thyanis recovers the remains of her away team and initiates pursuit of Daimon Tal as he flea’s the system.