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The Lost Fleet: Week 3 Fiction Update

May 29, 2023

This is it, the halfway point. War has consumed the Deneb Sector. In many places, the tide is being turned. For other forces, the odds are still stacked against them. Who will prevail as Starfleet struggle against the Dominion?

Week 3


Bravo Fleet Senior Staff

Endeavour Squadron

With Captain Rourke relieved from duty, tensions rise in the squadron as factionalism threatens unit cohesion ahead of the upcoming assault on Izar. Keen to act fast, Fleet Captain Jericho has Rourke incarcerated on the USS Independence, far from his allies, and orders the attack to go ahead without waiting on the USS Pathfinder. The Battle of Izar has a bloody start when Endeavour Squadron finds the Dominion waiting for them, their bold rush costing them the element of surprise, and the USS Nighthawk is quickly and brutally disabled. Elsewhere, the Independence mysteriously holds back, Commander Vornar insisting he is acting under Jericho’s orders – even as, in the brig, a security officer makes an attempt on the life of the detained Captain Rourke…

USS Higgs

While hiding from the Jem’Hadar fighters, the crew of the Higgs make repairs and mourn the death of a popular young Ensign. However, they soon discover the shields are not protecting them from the radiogenic particles in the asteroid belt their hiding in.

Odyssey Squadron

Eventually, the Odyssey Squadron arrives in the Divinum system and everyone is prepared to engage the enemy fleet. Each crew has put everything to one side, knowing this could be their first and last battle against the Dominion’s Lost Fleet. However, that is not the case. Upon arrival they discover the entire system is empty. Empty of enemy vessels, besides debris. Empty of colonists too. The arrival of a Cardassian squadron led by a familiar face only throws a spanner into the squadron’s attempts to discover what has happened.

Task Force 17

USS Babylon

The crew tried to help their lone telepath prepare for contact with Gomthree, but the training fell short of the true experience. If the creature did indeed self-destruct in its battle with the Jem’Hadar, it may all have been for nothing anyway.

USS Constellation

In the depths of Dominion-occupied territory, USS Constellation has come under attack by a Jem’Hadar battle group and, worse, a member of the away team aboard the Kholara Observatory has broadcast the starship’s prefix codes on all subspace frequencies.  They can only avoid total annihilation by sabotaging their own subspace transceivers and retreating from both the Dominion and their away team!  In all the commotion, Constellation received new sensor logs from the observatory and the crew set course towards the origin point of the Dominion’s Lost Fleet.

USS Hathaway

While the Breen have their own mastermind in Thot Rodyn, one of Hathaway’s own is proving to be quite the strategist. Having devised a plan to draw the Breen out of hiding, an epic battle ensues between Hathaway and her starfighter squadron, and the Breen warship and her escorts. In the heat of battle, two Changelings are forced to reveal themselves in a bid to ensure their own survival. In an effort to bring the fight to an end, a Starfleet boarding party seeks out Thot Rodyn, only to find him, and his command crew dead. A final showdown in the Breen engineering room finally seals the fate of the Changeling. With reinforcements on the way, tragedy looms…

USS Kison

The USS Kison has been tasked by command in recovering a lost shuttle ferrying a VIP. Who they are carrying is unknown, but they we last reported to be in the AO of where the Kision was attacked by the Jem’Hadar two weeks ago.

Task Force 47

USS Atlantis

Interrogation of potential Nausicaan kidnappers points Silver Team to a criminal underlord aboard Handl Dryf which turns out to be the crew’s first encounter with a Changeling. With their quarry managing to escape, Silver Team vacate to inform the captain of their findings. Meanwhile, Captain Theodoras and Commander Gantzmann are proceeding to The Pit, the station’s live combat arena, in order to settle a matter of Klingon diplomacy following an earlier meeting with Captain Hor’keth of House Lorkoth. Doctor Terax plants more seeds within the captain’s mind that the ship and crew are being played in order to achieve their goal. With the matter with Captain Hor’keth settled, Gantzmann victorious, if barely, the crew leave the station to consider how to handle the Romulan Problem. And then to add to the entire diplomatic conundrum, a second Starfleet ship arrives on station – the USS Papakura.

USS Dragon

Using the information from the previous week along with the data from their deployed probes the Dragon found the location of a Breen Fleet. Using the information they had the crew surmised that the Valdox Nebula and Federation space beyond was its likely target they made a decision to act quickly. Conducting a hit and run operation to hopefully slow down the Breen Fleet and buy the needed time. They spent the rest of the week quickly moving between locations and deploying new experimental long-range torpedoes to further hinder the Breen fleet.

USS Pioneer

While en route to Saxue, the Pioneer crew discover the changeling saboteur on board. Desperate to eliminate this threat before they reach their destination, Captain Thiren and his crew begin their hunt for the changeling. 

Task Force 72

USS Cantabras

Left reeling from the attack from the unknown lifeform in the Arcania Cluster, the crew takes stock of the damages. Forced to make repairs in the field, officers embark in a race against time to get the ship operational quickly. Cobbling together their repairs, the ship makes its way to the Liakso Array.

Mackenzie Squadron

The Changeling conspiracy comes to the Mackenzie Squad as an old friend of Captain Walton brings a body for further investigation.  The Cardassian Supreme Commander is slated for trial, but his transfer is nearly foiled by an attack by rogue Cardassians but Gul Hasara rescues Captain Dread from being murdered by the prisoner.  The Dominion force two hours away is growing and moving into formation, signaling that the attack is coming next.

USS Marduk

The USS Marduk investigates an anomaly in the communications signals in the Black Cluster with new crewmate Ensign James Olivet on board.  

Task Force 86

USS Alita

The USS Alita is still engaged at Sevury. Captain Black is doing her best to hold the Dominion force in orbit at bay while Commander Richards leads the strike team on the surface to the goal. What she doesn’t know is that inclement weather and unforeseen circumstances have left Melody and her team stranded far from their goal. 

USS Mariner

After a long wait at the Dominion borders, the Dominion finally responded. The crew of the Mariner explains their dire situation in the Alpha Quadrant only to receive understanding and empathy. The Vorta Twins were willing to give them the encoded orders of retreat, but Captain Kobahl offered a more solid proof was required and invited them to the Mariner. Upon seeing the bridge crew reaction the Vorta twins accepted quite eagerly the request. Meanwhile a mutiny is slowly brewing in the lower decks.

Valhalla Squadron

The Valhalla Squadron is dispatched to the Denab Sector with the rest of the 4th Fleet.  A distress signal diverts them to Arkan II where the mining colony was attacked devastating one of the largest villages. As the squadron helps rebuild and fortify Arkan II the Jem’Hadar return.  During the battle one of the officers, Kat Donovan, aboard the Andromeda is revealed to be a Changeling infiltrator and badly damages the Andromeda before transporting over to the Jem’Hadar ships and escaping. 

Task Force 93

USS Auckland

The Auckland has been dispatched to the Yadev II Supply Depot to reactivate as many mothballed ships to repel an incoming Dominion squadron on approach. Reactivation and refit of these vessels is due to begin. The two crews have been introduced and have begun integrating to work together. With automation testing this week, will the crew be able to mount a viable defense or will Yadev II fall to the Dominion again?

USS Eagle

Alerted to a couple arriving on the Lappa moon resort in a luxury runabout, Daimon Klunt used his vast resources and connections to learn it was Kavi Rozen, the new leader of the Red Heaven, and her companion.  Using a staged fight at a poker table to cause Klunt to want to meet with her, Kavi proposed a business deal, but the meeting was interrupted by the arrival of the USS Eagle.  Will Starfleet be able to acquire the Breen ship deployments from Klunt?

Polaris Squadron

The USS Polaris executed a successful assault to retake Nasera II, supported by a covert operations team that disabled the planetary defense system, an orbital weapons platform, and captured the Vorta commander. In the space battle, one ship was lost and the rest of the squadron sustained heavy damage, while on the streets of Nasera City, a steep price was paid to free the Federation citizens of the colony from the yoke of the Dominion. While they support the people of Nasera II in beginning the hard work of healing and rebuilding, the surviving crew must now cope with the reality of what happened and the lines they crossed to achieve victory.

USS Saratoga

While the Saratoga, Gagarin and the Crimson Knights stay back within the shadows of the Nebula. The USS Knight began to head towards the fleet yards, while traveling they discovered that their executive officer was a changeling and was caught trying to sabotage the ship after finding the real first officer deceased. After neutralizing the treat and fixing the damage they were able to continue on. Upon arrival at the orbital weapons platforms they began to imprint an enemy signature on the generator that was found within a nearby asteroid base. After bringing the generator and weapons platforms offline the rest of the squadron moved in and began to engage the enemy ships, pulling them away from the command and control center while a shuttle was launched from the Gagarin containing the hazard team.

USS Thyanis

USS Thyanis has arrived In the Gamma Coronae Borealis system and made her approach to Oppenheimer Station. Initial attempts to communicate with the station have failed and it was discovered that Oppenheimer is housing a partially contained Quantum Singularity, causing a multitude of relativistic and gravitational effects that make the use of Transporter technology impossible. Instead a Shuttle craft is used to ferry a small away team to the station to investigate further. Meanwhile the Ferengi Daimon Tal has also arrived in the system – apparently stalking Thyanis to carry out a contract on behalf of a mysterious buyer. Tal has been given instructions to recover some technology and eliminate the Thyanis. The Thyanis crew are so far unaware of this emerging threat.