The Lost Fleet: Week 2 Fiction Update

May 22, 2023

The writing in the Lost Fleet FA is only going from strength to strength! As the combined forces of the Dominion Lost Fleet and Breen try to press further into Federation space, the Fourth Fleet has rallied and come ready to meet them. Will Starfleet be driven back? Or is the tide about to turn?

Week 2


Bravo Fleet Senior Staff

USS Arcturus

Arcturus intercepted the Ferengi DaiMon responsible for destroying the Federation science vessel Banting, only to discover that the reason the Ferengi were risking interceding during the Lost Fleet event was to take control of powerful Farpoint Cnidarians using thought-makers. They discovered the Ferengi in the process of seizing one of these cosmozoan entities and were forced to engage. 

Endeavour Squadron

With the ships of the squadron separated, Endeavour rushes to save forces of the Cardassian Third Order from a Dominion ambush while Triumph, Nighthawk, and Independence intercept a Breen strike group in the Ciater Nebula. Both groups are victorious, but Endeavour emerges unscathed while the rest suffer heavy casualties. At the rendezvous point, Captain Jericho orders the arrest of Captain Rourke for disobeying orders, and after a tense stand-off, Rourke surrenders. Jericho removes Rourke from command, replacing him with an officer from Triumph, and the shaken squadron rallies to focus on their primary goal: liberating Izar.

USS Higgs

The Higgs is ordered to transport parts and engineers to Galadkail Manor where they will be used to complete upgrades to the colony’s orbital defence platforms. While en route, a trio of Jem’Hadar fighters intercepts the Higgs. Outnumbered and outgunned, the Higgs takes refuge in the asteroid belt of the Daylos System, using the heavy concentration of radiogenic particles to hide from the Jem’Hadar, but for how long can that last?

Odyssey Squadron

The shock of hearing the return of the Dominion’s lost fleet hits the squadron hard. Many of the crew have a strong desire not to remember the Dominion War and the impact it had on them; however, none of them can escape it. After receiving a distress call from the Federation colony on Divinium 4, Fleet Captain McCallister alters course. The squadron heads in to rescue the colonists from the Dominion. 

Task Force 17

USS Babylon

Orders are in to seek out the unusual lifeform that’s been destroying Dominion ships; if only the Babylon could defend itself as effectively as the quarry they seek. An impromptu training session begins for Lt. Ixabi, the only crew member with the telepathic capacity to speak to the creature.

USS Constellation

USS Constellation crossed into Dominion-occupied territory through the sensor-blind of the Ciater Nebula, escorted partway by Saratoga Squadron for protection.  Venturing deeper into Dominion territory on their own, the crew of Constellation reached the Kholara Observatory and discovered it damaged, but operational.  While an away team boarded the observatory to collect the sensor logs that may tell them more about the origin of the Lost Fleet, six Jem’Hadar battleships changed course to converge on Constellation.  As soon as the Kholara Observatory’s systems began to come online, the observatory began to broadcast the Constellation’s prefix code on all subspace channels.

USS Hathaway

Hot on the pursuit of the Breen mastermind Thot Rodyn, the investigations of the Hathaway crew have seen them talk with the survivors of the assault on Sevury, discover a graveyard of Cardassian starships and seen the Captain endure a tragic loss. Rodyn has made the pursuit personal, taunting the Captain with a single message – ‘For the Hunter…’ But in the Captain’s hour of need, several returning officers give the crew a much-needed boost. Together they formulate a plan to draw the Breen commander into the open and bring the chase to an end, but the presence of a Changeling threatens their endeavour…

USS Kison

The Kison has been tasked with resuppling Farpoint, and Starbase 514. But due to a stranded civilian freighter they have sense meet something or someone they aren’t prepared for.

USS Reliant

The Reliant has discovered the return of the Dominion and their Lost Fleet. The captain of the Reliant has traumatic experiences with the Dominion from his childhood and is now seeking redemption by protecting the ones he loves from the images he saw in a mysterious vision.

USS Thermodon

Dominion was found near New Seattle.  Covert Operations in supporting resistance organization on homeworld. Proceeded to investigative assignment of unknown enemy in the Deneb Sector.

Task Force 47

USS Atlantis

Arriving at Handl Dryf, Captain Theodoras takes the time to brief her senior staff on the mission given to them by Admiral Beckett, and theorises some reasons why Atlantis was chosen specifically in private with Commander MacIntrye. Arriving at Handl Dryf they are met by the Tholian Commander Kaltene who requests assistance in resolving ‘the anomaly’ and ultimately agrees to assist Atlantis in their issue. Finally making it to the station, Captain Theodoras meets with the station administrator before starting her investigation for a place to hold a meeting with the representatives already in the area, with Silver Team having a small run-in with a pair of Nausicaan brutes.

USS Cardiff

The USS Cardiff, tasked with searching for resources to aid in the war effort, is returning to Paxtar. While Paxtar, a planet surrounded by unpredictable storms, is the opposite direction of Deneb, the Cardiff has been cleared to return. The storms, now known as the Maelstrom, are prone to flinging ships into the planet. A year ago, Captain Sarrik crashed there, and she is certain that among the wreckage of the hundreds of vessels in this ship graveyard, there is something of great value to the war effort. 

USS Pioneer

The Pioneer continues to make preparations as it heads towards Saxue to find and destroy the secret Ketacel-white facility located there. During the voyage, the crew discovers the ship’s counselor unconscious in his quarters. Further investigation reveals the counselor was attacked, and that there may be a changeling on board attempting to sabotage their mission before they even reach their destination.

USS Sojourner

After finishing the repairs and refit of the Sojourner the crew set course for their new home base, Deep Space 47. En route they were redirected to the Deneb sector following the shocking news of the reappearance of the Lost Fleet. The news of the Dominion’s return brought old memories to the surface as they sped to their destination.  Arriving at the rally point they where ordered to make haste and penetrate deep behind enemy lines to put their unique sensor suite to use.

USS Valiant

The Valiant has arrived in the Kanaan system responding to orders to redezvous with Battle Group Alpha Twenty-One to find the group alone and damaged following an engagement with the long thought gone Dominion.  The ship’s are damaged and limping at best. Though the USS Defender and USS Vanguard are captained by two former comrades of Wright’s, from when they served together aboard the USS Manchester during the dominion war.

Task Force 72

USS Cantabras

Less than 48 hours after their last mission, the crew of the Cantabras is called back to action. The crew is assigned with preventing the Liakso Array, located near the Arcania Cluster, from falling into Dominion hands. Retake it if they can, destroy if it they must. The crew mentally prepares as they travel to the Cluster. The ship enters the Arcania Cluster, in hopes of avoiding any Dominion forces, and is buffeted by anomalies and a lifeform that leaves the ship dead in the water.

Mackenzie Squadron

The USS Olympic crew discovers something infected the colony sites years ago. In the search for answers, they discover the Cardassian governor still alive but dying and take him into custody.  Ten Jem’Hadar fighters are found to be on their way and the Mackenzie crew prepares while the Olympic flees.  A battle ensues in which a fighter crashes into the capitol and the remaining attack force is destroyed by the Cardassian fleet with help from the Mackenzie.  The threat of more attacks grows amid a planet and it’s people divided.

USS Marduk

The USS Marduk is in the Black Cluster, currently acting as a replacement for a comm buoy.  Captain Athenos has lost at chess against the entire crew,  and they’ve moved on to movie nights. A relatively quiet assignment to let the small crew recover from the fight against a Dominion vessel alongside the USS Photon.

USS Nestus

Nestus has arrived at the edge of Dominion occupied space at the Oromal cluster. Assigned to investigate intelligence of a hidden research base developing a deadly new version of the dampening weapon; a fruitless initial search has forced the crew to confront some personal demons whilst they wait in the empty blackness of space. After some impressive engineering work by the team they have come up with an idea involving the stationing of a shuttle as a relay post, now they just have to get across the border to deploy it. 

Task Force 86

USS Alita

Against all odds, the USS Alita is making to liberate Sevury. Captain Black and her crew have made a daring atmospheric warp re-entry to mask sending a 12 man team to the surface with the intent of liberating the planet from Dominion occupation. Only time will tell if the plan has any legs as Melody and her team are effectively stranded on the surface until they can reactivate the planetary defense grid. 

USS Lafayette

The USS Lafayette is en route to Outpost 4871. The outpost has gone silent and Starfleet is concerned that something more sinister may be afoot than just a simple issue of interference from a nearby pulsar. They didn’t specify what exactly may be wrong, but Commodore Cromwell has a sinking suspicion that things are much, much worse than they appear. 

USS Mariner

The USS Mariner is heading towards their destination in the Gamma Quadrant. But while the battle rage on in physical form in Alpha Quadrant, the Mariner crew faces a mental war of tension, fear, and distrust. They saw a soft side of the Dominion as a large war monument was made to see in space to remember the fallen brave warriors. But then the actual mission starts to sip through the cracks of lies, Mariner has changed course to travel to Dominion borders, and rumors start to build up in the hallways. 

USS Resolute

On the eve of action on Arriana Prime, the crew of the Resolute are making plans, for war or as part of the herculean humanitarian effort they have to perform. Contact has been made with a possible solution for their transportation issue, and the reality of what they are about to face is beginning to hit home…

Task Force 93

USS Eagle

Starfleet Intelligence learned that Daimon Klunt, an extremely wealthy and influencial Ferengi, acquired charts containing Breen ship deployments along the Federation border. The Eagle was sent to negotiate for them. An undercover team, XO Allen and CMO Weaver, were also sent to Klunt’s mega casino, the Bunnicorns Foot, with Weaver reprising her persona of crime syndicate leader, Kavi Rozen. One way or another, Starfleet must have the charts.

USS Erebus

USS Erebus rendezvoused for escort of the inhabitants of Leonis Prime to Farpoint Station due to the threat of the Dominion. Erebus was given orders to take position to escort alongside Leonis Prime’s government ships. Governor contacted Erebus for confirmation, which was given by Captain Ebun.

USS Polaris

The USS Polaris has linked up with five other ships to form an assault wing to liberate Nasera II from the Dominion. Meanwhile, a covert team from the USS Polaris is already on the ground in Nasera City, developing plans to disable the planet’s formidable defense system, sabotage an orbital weapons platform, and capture the Vorta commander. All three objectives must be achieved for the Polaris and her sister ships to have a chance of retaking the system. The covert team has been challenged by the overwhelming Jem’Hadar presence in Nasera City due to its importance as an industrial center to power the Dominion’s war machine. One member of the covert team was tragically discovered and killed by the Jem’Hadar last week, and the remainder of the team are trying to push forward as the clock ticks down.

Saratoga Squadron

While the Squadron traveled towards the Ciatar Nebula, Lieutenant Commander Piyu Jaiett onboard the USS Knight has discovered something about the orbital weapons platforms that are located at Lungurn Fleet Yards that has him concerned. After the Squadron arrives at the entrance of Ciatar Nebula, Captain Rayu Isha and Commander Jiaett speak with both’s Captain’s Dex and Derohl about a new plan to get past those platforms. Dex approves the proposal and the Knight gets to work on making modifications to the ship while the Gagarin launches the fighters to get in formation. The ships begin to move through the nebula with the Knight in the lead.

USS Thyanis

USS Thyanis was attacked by a single Breen vessel and engaged in a short skirmish. The battle took the life of one crew member and critically injured another. The Breen were forced to retreat when a Ferengi Aliance vessel arrived in the area and after a brief meeting with its captain: Daimon Tal, Commander Jones remains skeptical about the Daimon having an alternate and sinister agenda. Following the exchange, Thyanis limpped her way to Farpoint station where she undergoes some minor repairs and resupply before pushing on to her objective: Oppenheimer Research Station.