The Lost Fleet: Week 1 Fiction Update

May 15, 2023

We’ve had a very strong first week of writing in The Lost Fleet. Many – most! – of you may have struggled to keep up with it all. That’s why, every week, the Intel Office endeavours to present a summary of stories that have unfolded.

This year, we’re trying something different. We’ve needed precise information best gathered from the writers themselves, which is why members have been submitting their own story summaries. This does save us time and effort on a TF and Intel Office basis, but I’m hoping it’ll pay off. Below you’ll find not just the story summaries from the writers who submitted a quick blurb, but a demonstration of why this Fleet Action is different. Because we’ve used that specific information in a new way.

Week 1

That’s right, we have a live campaign map – click to see the full version. Every week, every writer who submits their story summary will have their starship/squadron included, showcasing Starfleet’s efforts against the Dominion invasion. As Starfleet advance (or are pushed back), as borders change, we’ll see the map continue to change to reflect the ongoing situation in the Deneb Sector.

The fate of the Deneb Sector is, well and truly, in your hands.

Bravo Fleet Senior Staff

USS Arcturus

Arcturus was taken off of her defensive station at Farpoint Station to investigate a distress call from a Ferengi Marauder, the Promise of Profit, which was answered by the USS Banting, a Grissom-class science vessel. Neither vessel has been heard from in days. Upon arrival at their last coordinates, Arcturus finds the Banting destroyed and the marauder derelict, its logs erased. An away team discovers that the marauder’s logs have been wiped, its latinum removed, and its support vessel launched. Arcturus pursues the likely felonious Ferengi at maximum warp. 

Endeavour Squadron

Endeavour squadron was dispatched to the Vamuridian colony, a settlement raided by the Jem’Hadar in the Lost Fleet’s initial onslaught. After humanitarian aid had been provided, orders saw the squadron turn its eye on a new target: Izar, the largest colony of Deneb, now in Dominion hands. But when new intelligence warned of a Dominion strike against nearby Cardassian allies, disagreement broke out between squadron leaders – to proceed, united, against Breen reinforcements headed for Izar, or to split their forces to aid the Cardassians?

Odyssey Squadron

After further successful diplomatic overtures with races in the Swallow Nebula region, the USS Odyssey and its squadron are surprised to receive orders from Starfleet to return home from the Delta Quadrant. Starfleet wants them back in the Alpha Quadrant, ready for the upcoming Frontier Day celebrations. Upon their return, the squadron is ordered to disembark their civilian populations and cadet training unit. The latter is sent to the Mellstoxx campus while the squadron receives upgrades and maintenance at Starbase 38 before heading off to the Black Cluster and shared border with the Kzinti. While there, Breen and Jem’Hadar ships are discovered, and it’s only a short time until the entire squadron is ordered to Starbase 514!

Task Force 17

USS Babylon

The Babylon has been pulled off its quiet survey mission and sent to the Deneb Sector with a brand new CO and XO inserted at the last minute. No one yet knows why they’ve been sent to this new front, but Captain Anand has learned that his crew is definitely not ready for a confrontation. 

USS Constellation

The crew of the USS Constellation have scoured through Starfleet and Federation sensor records to infer the movements of the Dominion’s Lost Fleet before their invasion of the Deneb Sector.  Because those earliest sightings on long-range sensors were so far beyond Federation space, the science team has identified the Kholara Observatory –in the thick of Dominion-occupied space– as being the best possible source of further intelligence.  Because the observatory is not responding to subspace hails, Constellation has set course for the Dominion defensive line to seek out answers at the observatory.

USS Hathaway

After initial strikes against enemy targets, Hathaway has become embroiled in a game of cat and mouse with a Dominion attack wing. A timely intervention by the starship Nogura provides respite for the crew until an unexpected visitor with orders from Starfleet Command changes everything. New orders are soon received that see Hathaway on the hunt of a Breen strategic mastermind hellbent on destroying the fleet’s assets. Matters are complicated when a number of personnel are attacked and rendered catatonic; a message from Vice Admiral Beckett provides the only clue, which brings about a startling revelation… a Changeling may be aboard the Hathaway

Task Force 47

USS Atlantis

While finishing off repairs at DS47 and enjoying an open mic night showcasing the crew’s musical talents, Captain Theodoras receives an urgent communication from Admiral Beckett diverting the ship with haste to Handl Dryf on the far side of the Ferengi Alliance. Given permission to run the volatile and oft-avoided B-T Corridor, Atlantis gains the attention of the Breen during transit and is forced to deal with a pursuing craft in an inventive manner to ensure they make it to their destination. Finally through the Corridor, secret orders from Admiral Beckett are opened and Atlantis continues on her secret mission.

USS Dragon

Left the Thomar Expanse for intelligence operations in the Deneb Sector. Arrived outside the Vadlix Nebula at the end of the B-T corridor. Entered the nebula to transition to the Breen border to conduct intelligence gathering operations.

USS Pioneer

The Pioneer arrived at Farpoint Station to pick up their newly assigned crew members when they received the news of the Dominion/Breen invasion. After reviewing their orders, Captain Thiren held a mission briefing to go over the Pioneer’s new assignment: locate and destroy, if possible, the secret Ketracel-white facility on Saxue. After the briefing concluded, the Pioneer proceeds at maximum warp towards Saxue to complete their mission. 

Task Force 72

Horizon Squadron

In direct response to the Breen and Dominion threat, USS Horizon, with the help of USS Glasgow and USS Alexandria, receives orders from Fourth Fleet Command to strike three key installations behind enemy lines in the Deneb sector.

Mackenzie Squadron

The USS Mackenzie and USS Olympic arrive at Janoor III to find a Cardassian fleet licking its wounds after they were attacked on their way to the colony.  The governor of the sprawling colony is furious at the assignment of Cardassians.  While the Olympic sees to the fleet the Mackenzie attempts to negotiate.  With the help of advisor Gul Hasara they get the promise of the Cardassians to help.  After a harrowing close up with a Dominion fleet in a runabout the Janoor III government is convinced of the reality and, in principle, agrees conditionally to the Cardassians assistance.  What and how the people of the colony will do in reaction is yet to be seen, never mind the fleet forming up just hours from them.

Task Force 86

USS Mariner

The Mariner is given a secret mission to travel towards the Gamma Quadrant. There they have to convince the Dominion to support them in stopping the Lost Fleet actions. However, only the command team and Diplomat knows the true mission as the crew is set on a ruse to believe they are on route to Gamma Quadrant former Dominion members. Mariner has manage to deceive both Deep Space 9 and Opaka Outpost that they are on a scientific joint operation with the Romulan Republic. 

USS Resolute

As reports of the re-emergence of the Lost Fleet filters through official and non-official channels, Raan Mason and the crew of the USS Resolute are tasked with a very specific mission. Ordered to Arriana Prime, they must marshal both a ground-defence and evacuation campaign against a large force of Jem’Hadar wreaking havoc on the surface… from a Rhode Island class. Setting his more than capable crew on the task, they work together to achieve the impossible as they speed with all haste to Arriana Prime. 

Task Force 93

USS Polaris

A covert team from the USS Polaris has successfully slipped onto the Dominion-occupied world of Nasera II. They report that the 8 million Federation citizens of Nasera City are under the tight control of the Jem’Hadar, being forced into hard labor to support the Dominion’s ongoing war effort through the factories and industries of Nasera. The covert team is currently working on a plan to bring down the planetary defense system prior to the arrival of the USS Polaris and her sister ships. If they fail, the liberators will be lambs to the slaughter against the combined might of the Jem’Hadar warships and the stationary systems currently under Dominion control.

Saratoga Squadron

While waiting at Starbase 38, Fleet Captain Azras Dex receives orders from Command that they are to head into Breen space to attack an old Breen Fleet Yards that was used during the Dominion War. After learning that it has been reactivated and assisting The Lost Fleet in repairing their ships. Captain Dex gathers the captains of the Gagarin and Knight to go over their orders as well as coming up with a game plan. Upon returning to their ships the Saratoga Squadron leave Starbase 38 heading towards the Ciatar Nebula where they will use that to travel.

USS Thyanis

After departing for Oppenheimer Station in the Gamma Coronae Borealis system, The crew of the USS Thyanis have settled into their first mission and made preparations for their mission to investigate why the station failed to respond to the evacuation order.

Towards the end of their first week enroute, the Thyanis was attacked by an unknown ship near the boarder of the Ferengi Alliance, causing significant damage and severely injuring two crewmembers.

Viridian Expanse

The Viridian Expanse has been contracted by a Lissepian metals dealer on Klaestron to deliver a unknown consignment to a buyer near the occupied zone. Though they knew the situation was liable to be dicey, they took the job with almost no questions asked. Some on the crew are uneasy about the job, but concluded it was worth the risk. Probably.