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The Lost Fleet: Final Fiction Update

June 23, 2023

After taking losses across Deneb, the Lost Fleet received word from the Dominion of the Gamma Quadrant, ordering them to stand down. Some did. More didn’t.

Incited by this blow, the remaining Lost Fleet consolidated their forces for one major push at the heart of Starfleet operations, a desperate strike at Farpoint Station. The Fourth Fleet rallied against this overwhelming force, and a pitched battle ensued. Against overwhelming odds, Starfleet prevailed – only by the sudden, essential arrival of Klingon, Romulan, and even Tholian allies gathered by diplomatic engagements. The battle is won.

Defeated, the Lost Fleet has surrendered. Its remaining leadership has accepted the orders from the Gamma Quadrant to withdraw and, under Starfleet’s escort, returned through the wormhole from whence they came. Discoveries come to light of how the Lost Fleet was so displaced through time and space, but still the question remains: why, when confronted with the truth of their arrival a quarter-century after the war’s end, did they persist in their invasion?

There are other questions. Victory has not lifted the shroud of secrecy Starfleet Command placed over the truth of Deneb, and everywhere in the galaxy, people still believe it to be nothing but a Breen border incursion. But there is little time for the truth.

After all, in mere weeks, it is Frontier Day. And soon, the Lost Fleet will be a thing of the past.

Thank you, everyone, who has participated in writing the Lost Fleet’s story. It has been, by far, our most prolific campaign. I hope you all had as much fun writing as we did reading.

Week 6

Bravo Fleet Senior Staff

Challenger Squadron

The Higgs is dead in space after defeating the final Jem’Hadar fighter. When the Challenger arrives soon after, she provides engineering teams to help make the Higgs operational once more. Challenger Squadron completes the journey to Galadkail Manor, where the Higgs assists with upgrading the planetary defences while the Challenger engages Dominion forces at the edge of the system. 

Endeavour Squadron

With the reinforcements of the rest of the squadron and the strike force from the Cardassian Third Order, Starfleet turns the tide at Izar. A bold assault on the central control station for the system-wide defensive platforms is successful, turning these Federation-made weapons emplacements back on the Dominion. With the Lost Fleet suffering losses across the sector and no cloning facilities yet established, the Dominion withdraw from Izar with all foot-soldiers once the battle is deemed lost. The squadron provides support for the newly-liberated Izar, with Fleet Captain Jericho reassuming command – but ordering the arrest of mutineers Rourke and Harrian. When word arrives of the impending attack on Farpoint, the USS Endeavour is dispatched to lend the Fourth Fleet aid.

Odyssey Squadron

After re-examining the clues, the Odyssey Squadron discovers that the Divinum colonists are not dead but have been placed into transporter suspension. In a bid to stop the Dominion from using not only their metagenic weapon to intimidate other planets but also advanced transporters to kidnap others. After the Bellerophon is badly damaged, almost half her crew dead, the squadron kicks into action with its Cardassian allies to track the Dominion ship responsible for this. Eventually, they catch up and, in a bold attempt, board the enemy ship and rescue the colonists. Knowing that the Dominion can’t have these weapons, Captain Canção pays the ultimate price in preventing them from deploying their weapons ever again. The colonists are returned to their homes, but the squadron must bear the brunt of losing so many fine officers for the greater good.

Task Force 17

USS Babylon

Incapacitated by their encounter with the space-borne creature and the Jem’Hadar, the Babylon mends its ship and crew. Then, forced into a game of interstellar Whack-A-Mole, they send out their full complement of probes in search of their quarry. Contact is eventually established just as Dominion forces zero in on the target again.

USS Constellation

As part of a harrowing psychic rescue effort, USS Constellation has discovered that the unleashing of the Lost Fleet by artificial wormhole was done by accident and terrible luck. Constellation has raced back to Farpoint to report on the findings and join the final Battle of Farpoint. 

Task Force 47

USS Atlantis

Arriving at Leonis, Atlantis and her hastily assembled little task force of Romulan, Klingon and Tholian ships lay into the Dominion occupiers, only to be surprised by orbital platforms that come online as battle is joined. As Atlantis and a Dominion battleship lay into each other, Commander Gantzmann spots a flaw in the enemy’s shields, destroying it before it can finish pounding Atlantis into scrap. With the battle now decidedly against them, the Jem’Hadar opt for ramming attacks, nearly crippling Atlantis with a close shave of the bridge. Taking stock of their injuries, the plan to begin raiding supply lines is changed, with a number of ships needing to fall back to Deneb for repairs while a number of Klingon ships proceed with the original plan. And with this, a battered, but not defeated Atlantis and allies proceed to Deneb, arriving just after the Dominion ships do, bringing with them even more allies, rousing music and a promise to do the right thing.

USS Dragon

Destroying the Deptrock 6 dilithium mines and freeing the slaves imprisoned seemed like a simple matter. The Dragon inserted their new specialized intelligence team, and launched the Fallen Angels squadron to bring down the shields and destroy if possible the logistics convoy on the ground. Having accomplished both feats while taking minimal losses the Dragon proceeded to destroy the Breen dilithium mining operation. While doing so they freed 2523 slavesl if not for the Breen firing on the slave encampment that number would have been higher. The Dragon made its way to Farpoint station to turn over the enslaved and, hearing the call from Admiral Dahlgren, have joined the defensive fleet.

Task Force 72

Mackenzie Squadron

The Mackenzie is headed for repairs at Starbase 72 while the Olympic finishes their work at Janoor III with a jarring visit from a Task Group 514 squadron demanding all data about the Changeling situation.  Once turned over, the Olympic is sent to Jolla where an attack occurred.  An earthquake is caught on sensors, but it is not natural but a byproduct of a weapon stolen by a Vorta. He is soon captured and the true scale of what might have been is discovered. The battle at Farpoint calls and the SS Ambrose flies into action.

USS Marduk

The USS Marduk was saved by a large, dangerous friend before returning to Starbase 514 for minor engine upkeep and repairs. The call for battle comes and the Marduk, among others, races to respond.

USS Nestus

Having boarded the Breen research in a daring attempt to deny the Lost Fleet a new and terrible weapon, Theta Squad travelled through the darkened halls of the hidden base whilst the titanic forces of the Oromal cluster threatened to tear both the base and Nestus to pieces. Discovering the lab complex to be empty and abandoned their worst fears are confirmed when they discover records of abandoning and poisoning the base prior to the Lost Fleet’s departure. Their mission failed and the loss of their teammate in vain, Nestus makes her way to Farpoint Station to provide what aid they can. 

Task Force 86

USS Mariner

With the communications down, the Mariner flies into the Ciatar Nebula on an intercept course to the dominion battlegroup. USS Valhalla, USS Andromeda and USS Serenity drop in to give the cover to Mariner so that they can deliver their package. Just on time the Mariner repaired their communication system and was able to stop the battleship by transporting the Vorta over as the battlegroup left them behind. Mariner barely made any repairs is on route to Fairpoint station, to aid the 4th fleet. 

USS Resolute

The Resolute engaged Dominion forces on the ground with a dual objective mission—to stop them taking the capital, and to evacuate as many civilians as possible. Using civilian resources the evacuation was successfully underway when enemy forces committed what remained of their forces to attack the evacuation point. Thanks to the efforts of combined Starfleet and civilian forces, that attack was repelled and the majority of Jem’Hadar forces on Arriana Prime neutralised. Resolute teams are now engaged in searches for any remaining troops, while humanitarian efforts begin in the areas occupied by Dominion forces.

Task Force 93

USS Auckland

Automation protocols have been engaged successfully after completion of wargame simulations. With a complement of support ships, the Auckland successfully mounted a defense of Yadev. Although they had managed to force a retreat by the Jem’Hadar, the victory was hollow. Many of the destroyed support ships did have some human casualties, and the tide of battle was slowly turning against them. So why did the Jem’Hadar retreat? Were they ordered to or was something else at play.

Polaris Squadron

Throughout the final days of the Lost Fleet campaign, Polaris Squadron continued to support the rebuild of Nasera II following its Dominion Occupation. Meanwhile, the USS Serenity continued to disrupt Lost Fleet military infrastructure, and during its mission, it detected a lone Starfleet vessel, the USS Mariner, facing off against a Dominion battlegroup in the Ciatar Nebula. The Serenity moved to support the USS Mariner, and they successfully supported the USS Mariner in delivering a pair of representatives from the present day Dominion to the Lost Fleet with orders for the Lost Fleet to stand down. After the damage Serenity sustained, Admiral Reyes turned her for Earth, determined to get to the bottom of why Starfleet Command has sat idle throughout the crisis in the Deneb Sector.

Saratoga Squadron

While the Gagarin and Knight continue to take out as many Fleet Yards as possible the USS Saratoga detects an incoming reinforcements of Jem’Hadar battlecruisers. They are due to arrive within two hours. The Saratoga learns that their warp core is offline, engineers work diligently to repair the damage so they can leave the system. Just as their warp core comes back online both the Gagarin and Knight arrive, they delivered a heavy blow to their operations here with only a few bases remaining they are inoperable. The squadron warps out of the system. Once they are halfway to Farpoint Station they receive orders for any available ships to meet at Farpoint Station for one final battle. The three ships arrive at Farpoint to join the gathered ships from the Fourth Fleet and Task Group 514.

USS Thyanis

Upon discovering that his buyer is actually the Dominion, Daimon Tal is killed and replaced by a Changeling agent who has been mascaraing as  Dr Sutherland. The Thyanis dispatches an away team to the Daimon’s ship in a rescue mission. The final showdown concludes between the Thyanis and a far superior Dominion Battleship. Thyanis uses guile and her nimbleness to her advantage and cripples the Dominion ship, setting off the stolen energy device in the process. The saga concludes as Thyanis successfully rescues her Captain, Molly and the away team from a crippled Ferengi ship