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The dark side of Intel has come to TF93

July 28, 2017

USS Redguard

Well I can, say much about it, but the Fleet Captain Davis has returned towards Bravo Fleet and with a unique concept that will be playing in the form of both Discord and WordPress. I personally look forward towards this sim work! Welcome towards the USS Redguard, a defiant class vessel that does the dirty work of Intelligence Black Ops!

The year is 2388 and Starfleet is still feeling the aftermath of the Dominion War; drained of its resources and ability to properly protect itself, they needed a way to fight against incursions from neighboring races who deemed the human world incapable of defending itself. This is where the USS Redguard comes in…

The Redguard is a modified Defiant Class vessel tasked with patrolling Federation space and engaging in covert operations against the enemies of Starfleet. Their presence is unknown to the general public but their efforts continue to keep the human race safe and allow Starfleet to move forward into the stars unscathed.