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The Breach Is Coming

February 24, 2021

Hello all,


This is all new to me and I am honored to now be the Deputy Gaming Officer. I have been asking more of what you guys want in Competitions and while your ideas are being considered we have a big event coming up in Star Trek Online, which means time for another competition.

STO throws a few major events every year and one of those is The Breach Task Force Operation, which sends you and other players to cripple a Voth Fortress Ship. Not only is this event one of the bigger STO events it gives you a decent amount of time to acquire the awards associated with it.

The Breach is unique, as it only comes around once a year it is a great TFO to build a team of fellow fleet members with and crush the Voth Ship. The competition will run from 02/25 to 03/18. I highly recommend getting a team together and running the mission not only does it help you bond with fellow fleet members, but gives you a higher amount of ribbons to add to your character’s already impressive record.

The rewards for the event are either the coveted Promotion Ship Choice package, 1,500 Lobi, or some T6 ship coupons. So let’s get out there and win some prizes, but above all else have fun doing it.

I hope to see you all out in the Breach! Engage!