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Task Force 99 welcomes Legacy of Shadows

January 13, 2020

Task Force 99 is happy announce a new sim entering our Task Force.

“Legacy of Shadows”

Legacy of Shadows takes place in the Old Republic era of the Star Wars universe.

During a time of a fracturing Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, the Infinite Empire is all but forgotten. A long-dead race of evil Force users with unparalleled technology are of little concern to a galaxy on the brink of war, their study and the remnants of their technology the purview of only minor researchers in both factions. But when those researchers report the activation of emergency beacons of Infinite Empire technology going off across the galaxy, both sides scramble to respond.

On behalf of Task Force 99, I want to welcome “Legacy of Shadows” to the fleet.


Rear Admiral Domingo Martinez
Task Force 99 Commanding Officer
Vidal Fleet Yards, Commanding