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Task Force 93 Monthly Report – May 2021

June 13, 2021

The Assignment

Space the final frontier, going where no man has gone before ran through her mind as she stood in the ring corridor of Devron Fleet Yards an Unity-class Starbase looking out of the many windows at the ships buzzing around. The events of Archanis kept running through her mind, not paying attention to the distractions of people rushing about racing to get to their next destination. “Captain?” came the voice of Sari who was looking all around the station for her.

“Yes Commander?” she asked not even looking back at Sari, “sir we just received word that our new flagship will arrive any moment now,” Sari said with almost a surprise as she was unaware of such an assignment, this caused Azras to look back at Sari with confusion. Sari handed her a padd, but as she did so the USS Verity dropped out of warp. “Speaking of the ship, there she is.” Sari pointed out the window, as Azras looked and raised an eyebrow. “The USS Verity an Odyssey-class starship,” she said in amazement, the very ship that Admiral Picard was the captain of for a short time during the rescue attempts of the Romulan people.

“The very one sir, she is now the flagship of Task Force 93 as you as Captain sir, the Verity will serve as a humanitarian response unit. It has been outfitted as such, which you can see all that on the padd that you have in your hand sir.” Sari replied as they watched the large ship get closer.

“Isn’t she beautiful,” Sari commented as she looked at the ship as it stopped as close as they could get to the station. Without a word, they began to walk towards the transporter room. Azras continued to read the padd the contained the specifications of the Verity, “she is state of the art,” Sari mentioned as they walked. “That she is,” Azras commented as they finally reached the transporter room.

“Two to beam over to the USS Verity,” Azras said to the transporter chief who nodded as they stepped up on the padd. “Energize,” Sari replied the chief pressed a few buttons and they disappeared from the starbase reappearing on the ship. “Welcome to the USS Verity Captain, Commander McDonald is waiting for you on the bridge to take command.” Came the response from a young Lieutenant that had met them when they arrived.

Once they arrived on the bridge, looking around she smiled “Welcome Captain,” Commander Liam McDonald said as he extended his hand. “I believe she belongs to you now,” he replied as Azras took his hand in return and nodded as the change of command took place and the computer recognized that Captain Azras Dex was now the Commanding Officer. “You are relieved Commander,” Azras replied as Liam smiled “I stand relieved,” Liam replied before parting from the bridge, Azras then looked around the bridge, most of the skeleton crew would remain both assigned to the station as well as the ship when needed.


Task Force Updates

With our ongoing lore development within Task Force 93, we now have a wiki page for our base of operations; Devron Fleet Yards, though this is still a work in progress. We are hoping that this will be a good jumping-off point for the TF lore as well as those who have yet to reach the rank of Lieutenant Commander to be able to get their avatar ships. 

While Devron will be the base of operations, as you can tell from the little fiction above that the Task Force now also has a Flagship, the USS Verity an Odyssey-class starship has been assigned as the Task Force’s Humanitarian Response Unit. The Infobase article has already been created so you can check that out here.

With the Archanis Campaign over, Colony worlds that were affected and targeted by the D’Ghor Hunters are needing assistance. If you’re looking for something to write but not sure what please reach out to me or the rest of the Task Force Staff and we can assist you.


Promotions & Awards

There have been a few promotions and awards that were given to our members over the past month.

  • Bri.Whyte was promoted to the rank of Commander, Bri also received the Star for Distinguished Service award.
  • JShepard received the Meritorious Service Cross award
  • Kyle received the Star for Distinguished Service awards.

Congratulations to those who received promotions and awards!


Stay Tuned for more developments coming from Task Force 93!