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Task Force 93 May Competitions

May 2, 2021

While the Archanis Campaign has ended, and TF93 is assisting with helping those colonies that have been affected with aid. Here are some new competitions you can sink your teeth into and participate in. The competitions will run from Sunday, May 2nd through 11:59 pm Sunday, May 9th.

Medical Ship Unscramble

Doctors play an important role within Starfleet whether it be stationed on a Starship, Starbase, or even planetary installation. Can you unscramble this image to figure out what kind of medical ship this might be?

The Stand-Off

It is time for the respected Task Forces to return to their normal duties. Task Force 93 for example, returning to their duties along the Federation-Romulan Border. Well, this most certainly brings attention from old rivals.

Spring Wordsearch

Task Force 93 is focused on conducting humanitarian and peacekeeping operations from the Devron Fleet Yards near the former Romulan Neutral Zone. Many worlds in this region are populated by both Federation citizens and displaced Romulan refugees following the Hobus Supernova. The sudden increase in population has left many struggling to develop their infrastructure, leaving the people vulnerable to poverty and exploitation. Task Force 93 aims to shield these people from opportunistic pirates and criminals whilst providing a helping hand to organizations working to support and provide for them.


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