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Task Force 93 February/March Report

April 12, 2021

Defending the Helpless

Captain Dex had walked into her office with a sense of urgency, skipping her usual morning coffee which was unusual for her to skip. Turning on her computer she looked at the report from Admiral Beckett, raising her eyebrows as she finished. She pulled up the report of what ships were currently docked at Starbase 27, she noticed that the USS Relentless was docked as well. 

“Wonderful,” she said to herself as she began to make arrangements to take temporary command of the Relentless as well as reroute a few ships that were docked awaiting orders. She also sent a message for any ships that were in Task Force 93 that were in the area and were able to respond to head to the Legera system. 

After sending her orders she headed out of her ready room and headed down to the docking bay where the Relentless was docked.

They would be heading to the Legera system to help defend that area, once she arrived she boarded. “Welcome aboard Captain, I am Commander Sorenson may I ask what our orders are?” Sara asked looking at the Captain who was taking command, Azras looked at the first officer as the ship hasn’t received her new Captain yet. She handed her a padd with all the information on it. “Were taking a small group of ships to the Legera System to help defend against the Kuskir’s forces,” Azras replied back as Sara began reading the plan.

She raised an eyebrow once she finished, “so this was their plan after all? To try to scatter our larger ships?” Sara asked as Azras nodded, “it seems that way, to give themselves an advantage but, let’s hope we can prove their plan is flawed.” Azras said with a sigh as she knew that was a lot to ask for. 

Once they made their way to the bridge and once they got clearance for the departure of the USS Relentless, they began to depart from the Starbase as well as the other four ships. Once they were clear they all went to warp heading towards the Legara system in hopes they would arrive in time. Things were tense, officers preparing for anything that might come their way and what awaited them.

She hoped that other ships would respond to the call to assist in defending the system mainly a planet that was believed to be the main target.

Task Force 93 Updates

In February and March things have been up and down with activity but still seems to be a pretty steady stream of activity. We have had a few people who have received promotions and awards over the month of March.

  • SamAubrey was promoted to the rank of Commander
  • OneTrekMind (Tom) was promoted to the rank of Commander
  • JShepard came into the TF after reaching the rank of Ensign, was also awarded the Medal of Achievement

Also, there have been some staff changes over the last month Woozamagoo who was our TGCO of TG58 was promoted to TFXO over in Task Force 86. Also, Briwhyte who was our TGCO of TG44 has stepped up to become TF93’s TFXO. So, let us give them both a huge congratulations on their promotions.

Competition Results

Finally, the moment you been waiting for the results of the short little competition that TF93 had hosted for the week of April 4-11, it was a good turnout. After careful grading from our lovely TFXO here are the winners. 

Klingon Crest Puzzle:

1st Place: McGig
2nd Place: JShepard
3rd Place: Capierno

Archanis Word Search

1st Place: JShepard
2nd Place: CaptainD
3rd Place: DarthCrusader

Archanis Map Puzzle Game

1st Place: JShepard
2nd Place: DarthCrusader
3rd Place: Kitahashi

Congratulations on the winners of the three competitions!