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Task Force 93 December Report

December 16, 2020

A Distress Call

After arriving aboard Devron Fleet Yards a few days prior, she walked along the corridors heading towards Ops. Things were busy aboard the station with the hustle and bustle of the station’s personnel rushing about doing their normal task, whether it be fixing a console, mending a broken bone, or running sensor scans of the area for anything unusual.

Sari had already arrived at her desk earlier in the morning to make sure things were running smoothly, gathering reports as well as other things that needed to be completed before the arrival of the Captain. Looking at the time she stood up, grabbed the completed padd off the desk. Sari headed for the replicator to grab the cup of coffee that she knew Azras liked to have in the mornings. 

She headed towards the stairs that lead down towards Ops, just like clockwork the doors to the lift opened up to reveal the Captain.

“Good morning sir,” Sari called down the stairs as Azras exited the turbolift and started heading towards the Command Center that was located above Ops that housed her office, as well as a few more offices. It also had an observation lounge for meetings that needed to take place. “Good morning Commander,” she replied before arriving in her office as Sari followed close behind her with a mug in one hand and a padd in the other.

“Sir, here is your morning coffee as well as your operational status report.” She replied setting the coffee and padd down in front of her.

Taking a sip of her coffee as she read over the report, “thank you is there…” She began before she was interrupted, “Ops to Captain Dex, could you come down to Ops sir we are receiving a distress call.” Ensign Doran replied over the comm channel, both women looked at each other for a brief moment.

“On our way,” Azras replied closing the channel and heading down to Ops. “Report,” she replied as she arrived. “Sir, we are receiving a distress call from a planet within the old neutral zone requesting aid, we’re not sure exactly what as the message is broken and we are working on getting the message cleared up but that will take time,” Doran replied looking at the Captain and the Commander.

“Do we know the coordinates?” She asked looking at Doran who nodded in affirmation, she looked at him for a moment before looking at Sari. “What ships are in the area?” she asked looking at her who walked over to a console to bring up the closest ship in the area. “The USS Ares an Intrepid-class starship is the closest to the area and can respond faster than the others,” Sari replied.

“Very well, I would like you to send them orders to respond to the distress call along with the coordinates.” She replied as Sari nodded, “aye sir.” She replied turning back to the console to send the message to the Ares. “Oh, Commander please keep me informed of the situation,” Azras replied before turning around to head back towards her office, after a few feet she stopped turning to face Sari. “Oh, if you could send that transmission file to my office?” She asked as Sari looked back at her, “already been sent sir.” she replied just as she finished sending the mission orders to the USS Ares.

“Wonderful,” Azras replied before disappearing back into her office taking a seat at her desk.

She pulled up the audio file, and began to closely listen, though it wasn’t very clear as a lot of the message was missing. “…this is…anyone in the…need assistance…we…” it began but the rest of the transmission was static, Ops was working on getting the rest restored, though that would take time. Sitting back she began to wonder what was going on, though she would have those answers soon enough…

Task Force Updates

  • Well with the holidays coming up, things tend to slow down within Bravo Fleet but within the Task Force activity has been pretty steady and active with members receiving promotions and awards since I arrived in the Task Force.
  • We have had 4 promotions, 3 awards given out so far this month as well as other activity ribbons being earned within the Task Force.

    • Bri.whyte was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
    • Corigreystone was promoted to Lieutenant and received the Medal of Achievement award
    • Woozamagoo was promoted to Lieutenant
    • SamAubrey was promoted to Lieutenant Commander
    • Dizzyg1970 received the Meritorious Service Cross award
    • MJ received the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor award.
  • Also, we would like to welcome Jeffery who joined the Task Force from the Training Unit after his promotion to Ensign so we welcome him!

"/With the year almost over, the new year will start with a bang as Task Force 93 will be hosting a week full of fun and exciting competitions ranging from puzzles, fiction, and more, from January 3rd through the 9th. As you can tell from the banner we are dealing with the Romulan Diaspora. Won’t go too much into detail but things will be exciting at the beginning of the new year so stay tuned. 

Task Force 93 wants to wish everyone a safe holiday season!