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Task Force 93 Competitions

April 3, 2021

It’s that time again where Task Force 93 brings out some new competitions for you to participate in. Though this is nothing like it was the last time, with the Archanis Campaign gearing up for the start of the Finale. We have picked three easy puzzles for you all to get your hands into that go along with this campaign.

Klingon Crest Puzzle

All Klingon houses have a crest that represents their house, have you ever wanted to know what the D’Ghor crest looks like? Well, you are in luck by solving this puzzle you will be able to find out just what theirs are!

Archanis Map Puzzle Game

Throwing a new game in the mix, something that will get your mind working and just figuring out how to solve the problem. The Archanis map has been scrambled up, can you unscramble that image?

Archanis Word Search

Time is of the essence to drive out the renegade Klingons out of the Archanis Sector, can you find the words in this word search?


The competitions will run from April 4 through April 11 at 11:59 pm, hope to see a lot of entries in these fun and easy competitions.