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Task Force 72: New Staff/ New Launch/Moving Forward

May 7, 2020

Good Afternoon Task Force 72!!!

It is my great honor to bring to your attention some wonderful details and changes that are happening in our great Task Force. I have a few agenda items that I will speak about in this address, and the first agenda item are our new Task Force Executive Officer and also a newly created position Task Force Chief of Staff (Second Officer). I first of all want to thank each and everyone one of you who submitted an application for this role. It let me know that people are still interested in building storylines, increasing fanbases, and letting me know how serious you all about writing, gaming and Star Trek as a whole. Thank you, thank you, and again thank you. It was not an easy choice at all, as you all made it a difficult decision.

For the position of Task Force Executive Officer, I am happy to announce that Chris who plays Cpt. Anna Caldwell of the Hyperion and Commodore Elizabeth Basmanoff will be moving into that spot. Chris has been with the Task Force for quite a while and his experience and his dedication to the Task Force will be much needed especially in the coming months ahead.

For the position of the Chief of Staff I present to you Rippy who plays Counselor Avar on Starbase 38 and Fleet Captain Nelson Buechner. He also brings a hunger and a eagerness to learn along with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the RPG world. Let us give them a hardy welcome.  The second agenda item is this.

As you are all aware Bravo Fleet is moving forward with our new launch, and a lot of things are changing. You can now control the fates of your players IC and also OCC. The more you engage yourself in your sims or STO and show active participation the number of awards you can win and the upward promotion in ranks…and remember this is where  you will be able to create your own Sim. Also you might not be a GM of a Sim or a gamer on STO but just a writer; that is fine because no matter what you are still an active player and part of Task Force 72. Submit ideas about events, games, stories that you would like for us to tackle? Have an out of the box idea please present it to us, anything that we can do to boost participation on Discord or anywhere let us know.

Also if you have not checked out the Bravo Fleet forums called Relay Station Bravo please click here and it will take you to the foundation of Task Force 72. What you see is nowhere near the finished product, its only a rough draft; that is constantly evolving and changing and shifting. If you want to see more done with the Tholians let us know, the Cardassian Union, the Tzenkethi, Breen, Ferengi and even members within the Federation on the Alpha Quadrant side please tell us. No idea is too wild…or far fetched that we can’t find a way to adapt it. I want this Task Force to be not just about Myself or the other Task Force Staff Members. I want this to be about you! Because without you this Task Force would not exist, and you must remember we are each a part of the driving force that makes 72 Great.

You will see now a more focused direction on where we are going to take 72 and I want you to remember that your voice can help shape where we go from here; because literal Space is the limit. As I finish this article I want to leave you with a quote ‘A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. Live Long And Prosper’~~~Leonard Nimoy

CO USS Sutherland