Task Force 72 January 2022 Operational Report

February 28, 2022

In a dream, approximately 35 years ago

The runabout touched down in a small clearing at the base on the western side of a yet unnamed mountain range and Th’lora cut power to the engines. It was her fourth successful landing of the day as she and her colleagues of the USS Triton shuttled colonists and supplies from the transport ship to their new home of Veela III. Not the most glamorous job, but it beat filing reports or plotting flight plans. Before releasing the outer hatch locks, she made a half-witted remark to Lieutenant Whitby, her co-pilot about this landing in particular compared to the others, causing him to smile.

One by one, each passenger gathered their carry-on belongings and exited the runabout, including a man carrying a newborn child. Th’lora checked each name off a list on her PADD as they crossed the threshold onto the planet surface, finalizing their transfer and ensuring that everyone was accounted for.

Without warning, the ground beneath them began to tremble. Not so significant, that anyone lost their footing, but enough to be noticed. “Vehl to Porter, status report.” she called out after a quick flick of her combadge.

Porter was the scientist leading the survey team helping to locate the specific location for the permanent settlement of the colonists. “Tricorders are picking up increased levels of tectonic instability that had not been registered…”

Before Porter could finish her report, the ground began to shake again, much more violently than the last. If Th’lora had to guess, she would have estimated a magnitude of mid six to low seven on the Richter scale, though she was no seismologist. Large boulders could be heard, and seen in the short distance of the mountainside beginning their tumble to its base. It was not safe for her and the colonists to remain there, and while the runabout could have offered some shelter, if it were hit by a boulder large enough or the ground beneath became too unstable, its level of safety would be greatly diminished.

Th’lora took out her tricorder and scanned the vicinity. She picked up two cave entrances several hundred meters from their present location with multiple chambers large enough to hold a few hundred people combined. “Whitby!” she yelled out, “We need to get these people to safety. There are some caves due East. Watch for landslides and prepare for aftershocks!”

Activating her combadge a second time, she called out to her commanding officer, more as a report of her intentions rather than seeking advice, “Vehl to Jamieson. My team and I are heading for some caves in the mountains East of here. I suggest any personnel you’re with do the same. Vehl out.”

To read more about Th’lora and her mission on Veela III, click here.

What’s Been Happening

  • USS Heracles – After conducting their scans and determining Commander Ty of the lead convoy ship is responsible for their present situation, Captain Vax beams the Commander straight to the brig and using a small strike force takes control of the ship.
  • USS Horizon – Still moored at Earth Spacedock, Captain Hess and her crew await their next assignment.
  • USS Rome – Commander T.J. Rivers and crew embark on their maiden voyage to a small world with two major factions on the brink of war hoping to bring an end to conflict through mediation.

Where We’re Going

As is to be expected across the fleet, February has been devoted to the Stormbreaker Campaign. There isn’t much to be said here except there is much excitement for all the stories that will be conceived during this period and while those stories are summarized in the weekly fiction updates, I look forward to recapping them here next month.

New Task Force Executive Officer

Back in December when I was appointed as Task Force 72’s new Commanding Officer, a vacancy was left in the role of Executive Officer. During the Christmas and New Year’s holiday break, applications opened to fill a number of staff roles within the Task Forces. Once all of the applications were reviewed, it was with great pleasure that we were able to appoint Lieutenant Commander T.J. Rivers, a.k.a. Skippy, as 72’s new Executive Officer.

From following up on the progress of its members, to submitting nominations for awards and promotions, the role of Task Force Executive Officer can be both a demanding, but also rewarding role within the fleet. One I am certain Skippy will excel at. It is my pleasure to have him as my support and a part of the Bravo Fleet Command staff.

New Members

January was a busy month and saw a lot of movement in terms of membership. While we may have lost a number of members from going AWOL, the Task Force welcomed the following new members:

  • Salkis Avarak
  • Tumaini Calumn
  • Harn Trel
  • Zhanti
  • Jerry
  • S’ett
  • Gregzy
  • Jean-Luc Daren
  • Captain Justin Sisko
  • Cristopherson

Since they’re joining, I have had the pleasure of speaking or working with many of them to help them get acclimated with BFMS and how the fleet operates. I look forward to reading their stories about their adventures on Starbase Bravo, the currently running Stormbreaker Campaign or what is to come going forward with their own commands. Godspeed Cadets!


The Task Force Staff would finally like to recap the following promotions that were awarded in the month of January and commend each and every member for their hard work that these promotions signify. 

Member Spotlight

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize one particular member this month. Lieutenant Commander Tia Dalia Savik, a.k.a. Sammysuz as she is known on the Discord. Sammysuz made a tremendous amount of progress throughout the month of January, with the help of her mentor Captain Francesca Shilo a.k.a. DarthCrusader, progressing through the last of the criteria needed to reach the milestone rank of Lieutenant Commander and becoming a senior officer.