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Task Force 72: Executive Officer Application

April 28, 2020

Since the roll out has been officially completed with updating the website and fully transitioning from just a Sim ran RPG to an over all gaming RPG which includes not only Simming but also Gaming as well; along with the time jump from 2389 to 2399. The time has come to officially announce that Task Force 72 is now taking applications for the open position of Task Force Executive Officer.

The duties of a Task Force Executive Officer can be viewed in the link below this official letter, along with your application. All may apply for this position and you do not have to be in Task Force 72 alone, I am opening this up to the entire Bravo fleet community at large. Please feel free to contact via Discord as well, and I look forward to reading your applications.

Click Here in order to get to the application.


Task Force 72 Commanding Officer
Rear Admiral Julius Woodard
AKA: Billy