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Task Force 38- September 2019

October 16, 2019


“Center Line clear!” the Engineering technician, a Chief Petty Officer yelled down the line and three people simultaneously stepped back as a shower of sparks from a plasma torch sealed the massive tritanium girder back to the bulkhead. Christopher moved his hands down the girder, continuing to hold the girder up along with another tech while the welding continued. After receiving a thumbs up from the welder who was perched in a hanging harness,Chris stepped back and continued walking down the passageway to survey the damage and help where he could. Many officers of his rank and station tended to delegate their dirty work but to Christopher, his people seeing him leading from the front would make a world of difference, especially when they could be required to give their lives at his command. If that meant holding up girders and lifting crates, then that’s what he would do. 

Lifting another rack back into place, Christopher stopped for a moment to wipe the sheen of sweat from his brow. 

“General Mitchell, your presence is requested in the CIC.” a soothing female voice said over the intercom. Setting the rack into place, Christopher picked up his duty jacket and quickly donned it while walking over to the closest turbolift. 



*** Command Information Center ***

Christopher walked in, cinching the black leather belt with the Starfleet insignia in the center. “What do you have for me?” he asked the assembled team. 

A Bajoran in Command burgundy by the name of Commander Ketaran Tal walked over to him and handed him a PADD. “Sir, we sent in a probe near Morexia Prime via Quantum Slipstream and we just got the telemetry back before it was cut off. You might want to read that-” 

Christopher held up a hand in a gesture that some might perceive as rude as he scrolled through the data and came across a symbol that chilled his blood. Almost running to the central command console, he motioned to Commander Tal. “Get me Admirals Pierce and Wolf, Flash Override Priority.” Tapping his console, he continued. “Also, get a message to all ships in Task Force- The Omega Directive is now in effect.







  • USS Perenolde – Following a staff shakeup, the Perenolde docks at Forward Operating Base Anchorage for repairs and undergoes a hopefully temporary change of command with a new Captain and battle hardened Executive Officer coming aboard to lead an exploratory mission into deep space. 


  • Starbase Aurora – Following the test of the USS Hera’s Quantum Slipstream Drive, the crew prepares for the arrival of an multi-species trade delegation from throughout the sector in order to drive trade and diplomatic contacts throughout the quadrant. 


  • USS Ascension – The crew of the Ascension has taken on a new Executive Officer and is departing to assist the Dristins. To add to the chaos of an increased operational tempo, the crew must deal with working out the kinks of a new ship. 


  • USS Hammersley – Following the rapid departure of the Coulson from Kartelan Station and en route to Hestia’s Hearth, the skeleton crew must now determine what caused the Hammersley to be declared lost with all hands. 


  •  USS DiligentThe Diligent encountered a Vidiian cruiser from the future caught in a temporal rift. At a safer distance, a smaller craft carrying the Vidiian Doctor Riosch was reachable by the Diligent. From Riosch the crew learned of the origins of the Vidiian cruiser, part of a joint Starfleet-Vidiian endeavor to reignite the collapsed Solaria Gateway. The Vidiians became trapped in the temporal rift after an accident caused the portal to de-stabilize.

Following a daring plan the crew of the Diligent managed to free the Vidiian cruiser from its trap, pushing it back through to its own side using the ships tractor beam. Thinking the crisis passed the crew soon find themselves scrambling to close the rapidly re-growing rift. Doctor Riosch, bringing a cure for the Phage from the future, has taken advantage of the situation. While the Diligent contends with a potentially catastrophic temporal event Riosch jumps to slipstream, bound for Vidiian space.

With the rift sealed the crew tries to make sense of what happened, and track down Riosch.


  • USS Victory- Captain Kennit has been successfully recovered but at the expense of heavy damage to the Victory, who is currently involved in a pitched battle with ships of the Terran Empire, whose motives in the Delta Quadrant. The Away Team must now find a way back to the Victory through a treacherous asteroid field while being hunted. 





  • As always, we are looking to make our COs heard- any time the Bravo Fleet Senior Staff votes on anything affecting the fleet, especially staff positions, we will always put out a vote to all Fleet COs. You’ll receive an email and it will be posted in Discord. I encourage all of you to vote and share your opinions as healthy discourse helps us only grow stronger. 




  • In the past month, we were joined by two new games- the USS Arcturus, commanded by Commander Michael Lancaster and the USS Newton under the command of Commander Diana Reisz. Both are welcome additions to the Task Force and I look forward to seeing your stories materialize! 
  • Please note that In Accordance With Operational Policy, every simulation is required to maintain a certain activity level- 2 posts per person, per month unless cleared by the Task Force Commanding Officer. The Task Force Senior Staff will be monitoring each simulation’s activity level over time and will reach out to individual COs to determine how we can help increase activity. 





It’s been an extremely long and hard month for many of our simulations but I commend all of you for working hard to maintain your games. Please continue to do so as we head into the holiday season, and remember- your Task Force and Fleet staff are here to help you if you need us! All you have to do is ask.