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Task Force 38 Operational Report – August 2019

September 28, 2019


Major General Christopher Mitchell stood in the Command Information Center in front of one of the massive floor to ceiling windows as a tightly formed group of fighters from the air wing streaked by and executed a sharp loop above the lunar surface, contrails of electric blue light from their impulse engines painting the dark canvas of space. Sipping his now tepid coffee, he set it down on the edge of the expansive Fleet Tactical Operations Workstation or ‘Pool Table’ as members of his command staff had begun to refer to it. From here, he could see the status of every single Federation ship, base, and unit within the Task Force Area of Operations due to a network of strategically placed sensor and communications buoys that relayed information back to Kartelan. At this point in time, the ‘Pool Table’ was surrounded by the usual team of Intelligence, Tactical, and Strategic Operations officers discussing various communique that were streaming in. 

Suddenly, a bone-shaking rumble shook the center, tossing Christopher to the floor and multiple alarms began screaming out, resulting in a cacophony of screeching noise and bathing the center in an eerie crimson light. A moment later, Captain Raines ran into the center, his uniform jacket unbuttoned and his face dripping with sweat. 

Christopher picked himself up from the deck using the edge of the Pool Table and leaned on it, feeling a sharp pain shoot up his arm, indicating that it was probably fractured and at worst, broken. Looking over to Raines who was frantically tapping consoles around the workstation, Christopher inched over. 

“What’s the situation, Captain?” Christopher asked, wincing through the pain in his arm. 

Wiping a bead of sweat from his brow, Raines continued typing and a tactical officer spoke up. “Sir, we’re detecting multiple subspace surges throughout the AO. No confirmed source! We’re losing connections with the buoys-” 

In a split second, the entire command center went black and the lights came back as the alarms were silenced. Looking around to the center, there didn’t appear to be any damage aside from some bruised egos. 

Raising an eyebrow, Christopher looked over to Raines and the Tactical Officer. “What the hell was that?” he asked them both, his eyes staring phaser beams into Raines, who had practically cowered during this situation. In battle, information was key and any officer that couldn’t provide it was useless to him but this would be addressed at another time. The Tactical officer spoke up. “Sir, buoys are coming back online and we’re receiving reports from the Heracles, Prometheus, and San Francisco. I’m correlating now, sir.” 

Christopher motioned with his fractured arm and immediately regretted it again. “Well, what is it?” he grumbled. 

The officer swallowed and spoke. “Sir, they’ve all reported sensor signatures of city ships-” a brief moment of silence followed. “Sir, it’s the Voth.” he said in a low voice. 


  • USS Perenolde – In a flash, several children from the  Perenolde’s future timeline are propelled backward in time in order to avert a catastrophe caused by a scientist with a serious grudge against the Federation. 
  • Starbase Aurora – The crew begins a shakedown cruise of the USS Copernicus to test the Quantum Slipstream Drive and experimental stealth technology on one of the base’s fighters to enhance its recon abilities. 
  • USS Ascension – The crew is dispatched to the Star Desert to advise, train, and assist the Dristins who have come under attack from ‘phantom’ assailants who simply vanish after wreaking havoc and destruction.
  • USS Hammersley – Following the departure of the Hammersley from Kartelan station with Commander Connolly at the helm, he is left with time to contemplate the actions that led him to this point in time. 
  •  USS Diligent – The Diligent encountered a Vidiian cruiser from the future caught in a temporal rift. At a safer distance, a smaller craft carrying the Vidiian Doctor Riosch was reachable by the Diligent. From Riosch the crew learned of the origins of the Vidiian cruiser,part of a joint Starfleet-Vidiian endeavor to reignite the collapsed Solaria Gateway. The Vidiians became trapped in the temporal rift after an accident caused the portal to destabilize. Following a daring plan the crew of the Diligent managed to free the Vidiian cruiser from its trap, pushing it back through to its own side using the ships tractor beam. Thinking the crisis passed the crew soon find themselves scrambling to close the rapidly re-growing rift. Doctor Riosch, bringing a cure for the Phage from the future, has taken advantage of the situation. While the Diligent contends with a potentially catastrophic temporal event Riosch jumps to slipstream, bound for Vidiian space.
  • USS Victory- Following the abduction of Captain Kennit, Lieutenant AJ Taggart and the Strategic Response Unit have been dispatched from Task Force 38 Command to lead a tactical strike in order to retrieve her before she can reveal any Federation secrets to her captors. 


  • As always, we are looking to make our COs heard- any time the Bravo Fleet Senior Staff votes on anything affecting the fleet, especially staff positions, we will always put out a vote to all Fleet COs. You’ll receive an email and it will be posted in Discord. I encourage all of you to vote and share your opinions as healthy discourse helps us only grow stronger. 


  • Progress on the upcoming Voth storyline continues to be made with input from our Lore team and COs across the fleet, if you’d like to be involved, please reach out to me and I’ll gladly provide access to the document so you can provide input. 


It has been a slow month throughout the Task Force owing to school and work situations coming back into full swing but I’d like to thank each of you for sticking in there and working to make your individual games great!.