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Stranger from the future has appeared

January 15, 2018

From Command
Area of Operations Task Force 93
Commandant Vice Admiral Anin

Starfleet Operations and Task Force 93 has concluded that a strange anomaly has appeared on the sensor grid at the southern borders of the Federation. When the USS Oakham, a Nebula-class vessel, arrived at the anomaly an unknown vessel had appeared. Upon further investigation, the ship has marked as the USS Shanghai-A. A Vesta-class ship that has come from 2391 and been sucked into the anomaly. After a long discussion with Starfleet Command and Task Force 93 Senior Staff, we have concluded to offer towards the crew to adopt the USS Shanghai-A services into service of Task Force 93 and they shall be given proper guidance by the DTI. They will then resume their duties towards traveling south towards the Perseus Arm for exploration duties.