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STO Screenshot Competitions November 2021- Winners Announcement

November 24, 2021

The numbers are in for the screenshot competitions! It was an interesting set of entries, and we can show you what we got in!

Without further ado…


  1. Dean Matthews (ID: 2269) gave us this stunning shot of a Gagarin barely clinging to life, being dragged in by a hypermass; it shows a great use of a TFO’s natural features and the in-game damage system, which :
  2. Jonathan MacReynolds (ID: 2271) with this stunning shot of the Ambassador successor, a Narendra class, leaving Earth (and knowing the region they are orbiting, at least one Newfie’s waving up):
  3. Aubrey Seagraves (ID: 669) is no surprise that there is a placing for this one, considering this person’s background. A Nova class cutting across a ringed planet, most likely Andor:

Congrats to all the winners, that was a hard earned win!


This one only received two entries – mentioning this one a couple of times how it would be easy to place in apparently did not encourage many extra people to come out – but here is how they placed:

  1. Aubrey Seagraves (ID: 669) again is no surprise, but the subject matter is. Rather than show just your typical Negh’Var flying out in space, this one appears to be just activating its cloaking device near Praxis.
  2. T.J. Rivers (ID: 1318) gave us this shot. First off, welcome to the KDF side of things! You seem to be a new recruit, as you are even still in the middle of hunting down Franklin Drake in the tutorial! If you notice, the capture was taken right in the same area as the first place entrant – the Praxis debris field is a great treasure trove for beauty shots with Klingons – with the addition of the HUD. I did crop out the HUD for you in this instance so we could get a gist of what you were looking at:

Congratulations to all that placed and to all the entrants! This was a tough one to judge in some respects – there were some excellent screenshots, and both Darth and I struggled with the placement in this one.

One thing this has taught myself, and I hope that you can see that too, is that STO is not only a game for us as a diversion, but every once in a while it can also be used as a visual tool for your own writing. A lot of the ships available in Star Trek Online are ships that Bravo Fleet offers out for role-playing; it would be foolhardy to ignore a resource like this for as long as it is around. It may not always be up to the standards of our intrepid graphics team members, but with the improvements the models have undergone over the past two years they have brought environments and places for screenshots to a level where a distance shot might work for something to enhance a visual on a post, or a mission banner for some of you that still use them. If you need any help with taking screenshots without the HUD or have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We are available quite often, and I swear I do not bite; we don’t talk about the last time that happened for a good reason.

Game on, fellow birds of the galaxy.