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Starbase 900 Destroyed!

February 23, 2016

In an unexpected return, the Borg have struck with a vengeance. Four Borg cubes were spotted approaching Starbase 900. Instead of their typical assimilation patterns, the Borg mercilessly struck and destroyed Starbase 900.

Crewman Apprentice Jonas Gabriel, who was piloting a workbee tending to the nearby Norway-class USS sh’Pavress, didn’t expect to survive. “The sh’Pavress immediately broke its moorings in an attempt to retrieve as many survivors as possible,” he told the Federation News Service. “I watched as she wasn’t tractored, and instead took a cutting beam to the middle of the Engineering hull.” The sh’Pavress suffered what appeared to be a warp core breach moments later.

Other eyewitnesses confirmed the Borg sent in further reinforcements to the attack, including two more cubes and three spheres. One can assume they wanted to leave nothing to chance, absolutely destroying Task Force 38’s Command and Supply Hub in the process.

The surrounding radiation field amazingly shielded Gabriel from the attack and Borg sensors, allowing him to hide until he could be retrieved by a relief force that arrived from the Solaria Gateway. “I might be a crewman,” says Gabriel, “but I’ll definitely do my part to avenge those the Borg savagely murdered.”

Several Starfleet vessels responded to the crisis, including the Sovereign-class USS Helios. What’s curious is that the Helios arrived without her saucer section. Its fate, and those aboard it, remains unknown. Rear Admiral Diego Macedo had been reported aboard, and it is uncertain if he survived the battle.

Among the casualties are the USS Talyx, USS Claw, USS Magellan, USS Monitor, USS Khitomer, USS Hammond and USS Takei. A final casualty list has not yet been released as survivors are still being processed and accounted for.

Rumors are circulating regarding what could be the Admiral’s final order: destroying the Iconian Gateway that connects Task Force 38 elements to the remainder of the fleet. FNS reached out to Fourth Fleet Command to investigate the validity of this rumor, but our representatives were unavailable for comment.