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Starbase 400 News [Updated]

July 2, 2016

(Starbase 400-Stardate 69945.3) Hello again, this is Joseph Cronkite reporting. Fleet Admiral Bremer has been arrested! Returning from a Federation/Cardassian conference, Bremer was arrested by Commander Cobb of the Starfleet JAG Corps for the murder of a Cardassian Legit and the destruction of his ship. Bremer denied the allegations, saying he’d spoken to the Legit at the conference but certainty never attacked or killed him. Bremer will be taken to Earth to appear before Starfleet Command and for a General Court Martial, and the Cardassians are demanding he be extradited to stand trial on Cardassia.

In other, more happier news, we’ve learned that Major General Hurd has been promoted to the position of Task Force 99 Commanding Officer within the Forth Fleet (Bravo Fleet). She has chosen Rear Admiral K’Temoc to be the new Task Force Executive Officer. Congratulations to them both.

Update: We have an update to this breaking story. We’ve been told that Commander Cobb will be taking Fleet Admiral Bremer to Earth today. We’re not sure if it’s for a Court Martial or to be extradited to the Cardassians. In a possibly unrelated story, we’ve also learned that newly promoted Rear Admiral K’Temoc has taken the Pegasus out for a patrol mission. Unnamed sources stated several key Officers and a unit of Marines lead by General Jackson were also aboard the Pegasus.

Update II: We’ve learned some addition information. Fleet Admiral Bremer has escaped custody and Commander Cobb is also missing. No one aboard the USS Kuznetsov is sure how either could have gotten off the ship while it was at warp enroute to Earth, but all ships in the sector as well those between Starbase 400 and Earth have been placed on alert.

We will continue to follow up on this story, and more, as details become available. Until then, I’m Joseph Cronkite for the Federation News Service.