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Sovereignty of Kahless Strikes!

January 16, 2017

We are joined by Rear Admiral Joyce in the aftermath of the attack on Starfleet by the recently declared Klingon faction the Sovereignty of Kahless, which has inflicted number of casualties of various degrees on a number of different sides.

FNS: First of all, just how bleak is this situation?

RADM Joyce: I don’t think that word is sufficient to describe it. We’ve had three commanding officers taken prisoner and two crews have been taken prisoner after their ships were destroyed. We have attempted to retrieve them, but so far we haven’t had any luck.

FNS: Which ships have been affected?

RADM Joyce: The USS Tornado, USS Tyson and USS Washington have had their commanding officers taken prisoner, whilst the USS Phobos and USS Tesla have been destroyed. The Tornado, Tyson and Washington remain in service, with new Commanding Officers assigned to each vessel, initially on a temporary basis until we can resolve the situation and return the kidnapped officers to their respective commands. Understandably the crews of those ships in particular are downhearted, but their dedication to their respective duties is unwavering.

FNS: Do you have an idea if the hostages are still alive or what the Sovereignty wants in return for their release?

RADM Joyce: We don’t know anything at the moment. We have attempted to establish a dialogue with the Sovereignty of Kahless but so far each attempt has been unsuccessful. We do not know what they want in exchange for the release of Captains Demets, Ivanovich and Takato as well as the crews of the Phobos on Tesla, or where they are being held. We don’t know if they are still alive, but we like to think they are unharmed and would like to reassure those affected, we are doing everything we can to get everyone released safely and unharmed.

FNS: What is the status of the Klingon Empire as it stands?

RADM Joyce: The effect the Sovereignty of Kahless has had on the Klingon Empire is severe. The Empire has been fragile for a while, but this has thrown it into a state of civil war which will have ramifications of various degrees for all bordering governments, including the Federation. This only adds to the problems in the Canterra Sector following the Gorn Invasion, and our resources have become rather stretched having to keep the peace in the Canterra Sector and now render assistance where we can in other areas.

FNS: Can Task Force 93 deal with the situation with its current resources?

RADM Joyce: We’re doing our best, but that’s all I can say right now. Our numbers are low across our operating area, but even though we’re now stretched further than ever before, our determination to protect the Federation and its citizens is strong and we’re confident we can keep it together with what we have. We will do our utmost best to strengthen our borders and ensure that the ongoing problems in the Klingon Empire do not overflow into Federation space.

So there we have it, although it sounds bleak, RADM Joyce is confident that Task Force 93 can overcome this difficult situation with its limited resources and ensure that the current civil war in the Klingon Empire won’t overflow into the Federation’s territory. All of us at the news service wish for a speedy recovery of the hostages held by the Sovereignty, and of course, our thoughts are with those affected by the situation.