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Something is Coming

March 24, 2023

‘Are we far enough out, do you think, Doctor?’


Doctor Marl Trojet scowled at the interruption. Reluctantly, he tore his gaze from the dazzling shine of the massive star of Ianua on the viewscreen to the other occupant of the tiny bridge. ‘Of course, Fillian,’ he snapped at his assistant. ‘Nobody’s going to follow our trail.’


The young Fillian pursed his lips as he looked at the navigational sensors for the umpteenth time. Trojet knew they would show no sign of any living soul for light-years but this small science ship and its small, intrepid crew. And still, Filian drew a breath and spoke again. ‘I mean, Doctor, we’re far enough out so if something goes wrong…’


‘If something goes wrong,’ Trojet said impatiently, ‘then nothing will happen.’ He turned to his control panel to run one final check of the device nestled safely next to the ship’s deflector array. The green lights shining before him, a promise of what was to come, made his heart soar with anticipation ‘We’re ready.’


‘But -’


‘Anything else is prevarication and cowardice. We’re ready.’ With a jab of the finger, Trojet opened a comm channel to the rest of the ship. ‘All hands, stand by. You know what to do. Today, we make history. Begin experiment 001.’ With an imperious look, his eyes landed back on Fillian. ‘Full power to the deflector array.’


Here, at the edge of known space, they were going to change everything.

Starting May 5th, Bravo Fleet’s 4th Fleet Action begins!


  • Oh yeah. It's that time again. Looking forward to seeing what this FA holds for us all.

    March 25, 2023