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Some Announcements

February 2, 2017

I would like to make some announcements, first of them all is I have reached enough sims that I was able to split into Task Groups. Exciting right!?! but I have decided to do something different then the other Task Force’s in regards to those Task Groups. Now your wondering what have I done? Well I have closed the Command Group that usually only housed TFSS Sims, why would we be anymore special then the other sims in the Task Force? None so I have created two new Task Groups that myself will be in one and Moss will be in the other.

Task Group Athena: Will be for the Cardassian/Breen area and will have the following sims.

  • Roosevelt Station (TFHQ)
  • Deep Space 12
  • USS Bellona
  • USS Cairo
  • USS Dreadnought

Task Group Hermes: Will be for the Inconnu area and will have the following sims.

  • Carnwennan Station
  • USS Pandora
  • USS Hope
  • USS Hermes
  • Deep Space K-17

Now my second part of my announcements is I would like to welcome a new simulation into our Task Force family.

I would like to Welcome Reade (Nate) back to Bravo Fleet he has decided to come to Task Force 72 with a unique sim that I haven’t seen in Bravo Fleet. I am looking forward to the stories they will tell as a sim. Please lets welcome Reade who will be playing Captain Etan Kaz in command of Deep Space K-17 an old K-Class Starbase, that has been placed on the Tzenkethi Boarder. I am looking forward into the stories they could tell on this old station. So, welcome back to Bravo Fleet and choosing Task Force 72 as your new home.