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Small update; Forseti has come

August 18, 2017

Good day,

With the arrival of the USS Ascension, we hit the mark of 14 vessels and as Task Force Commanding Officer I notice that the Task Force page becomes …scroll’ish. To simplify this, I have divided and shuffle the Task Groups to add a new one. This makes it easier for our players and new players to look in our Task Force and find their suitable home. The Task Group is called Forseti, named after the Norse god of justice and reconciliation. He oversaw courts and mediation.

For an extra note towards my Captains; the change in Task Groups will not impact your sim at any level. In the old days I would stick a Task Group towards an AoO, but seeing that it would conflict with our own rules “Captains have the freedom to write where ever they want in the Task Force Area of Operations” I will not make that smaller by dividing the Task Group into even more smaller areas. So this is kinda just administration!

New in the Task Group:

Palais de la Concorde
USS Sirona
USS Ajax
USS Odyssey