Sim Profile: USS North Star

April 10, 2016

February 2016 was a strong month for the fleet as a whole. Representing Task Force 99 with the Sim of the Month award is a recent addition to the fleet, the USS North Star. This Vesta-class starship is commanded by Captain Cyndi Song.

“WOW!” exclaimed Cyndi in an interview with BFNS. “What an honor! I’m stunned and extremely humbled by this. I never expected to gain this award being so new into the Fleet. Many, Many Thanks to everyone who nominated the North Star.”

Neither the North Star or its Captain have strong roots in Bravo Fleet as the sim was founded a couple years ago in a different fleet. After seeing firsthand how the dwindling simming community was causing that fleet to dry up, Cyndi began looking for other options. “I looked at several fleets before deciding on Bravo Fleet. I felt it was a good fit for my ship and my crew.”

The North Star currently sports an amazing roster backed by ten versatile players. “Some of us play more than one position,” says Cyndi, who also indicated that there’s always room for more.

Where is the North Star now? After dealing with an intense mission which started with a garbled distress call, the crew is currently enjoying some R and R at the infamous Starbase 400. They’ll be launching on their next adventure very soon.

Captain Song’s amazement with winning this award did not stop throughout the interview. She had this to say: “I’d like to say Thank You to EVERYONE who nominated the North Star for this award. It’s a great honor and one I am very proud and honored to have been awarded. To my crew, I’d like to say thank you for serving on this fine ship. Without you and your continued support and creative writing skills I’d not have the ship, crew or this award. Ya’ll are the best and I’m honored and proud to be your captain.”

Congratulations to the crew of the USS North Star! Keep up the great work!