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Sim Profile: USS Argonaut

February 26, 2016

In a rare move, the first Sim of the Month Award for Task Force 72 was awarded to a brand new sim in Bravo Fleet, the USS Argonaut. Overseeing eight other players is Commander Michael Cousland, played by Jason.

“It is an honor,” says Jason, “to be in Bravo Fleet and to earn this award in our first month here.”

Like the Argonaut itself, Jason too is a recent addition to Bravo Fleet, having signed up for service on another vessel before sitting in the Captain’s Chair. “I started to get that itch all us old CO’s get,” he explains. He’s commanded a couple sims before outside of Bravo Fleet, and it was the connections he made over the course of his simming career that helped to quickly launch the Argonaut. “You never know what you will find when you give people a chance.”

And with just a month of game time logged, gameplay continues to excel, breathing life into Task Force 72. As with 72’s other simulations, the Argonaut finds itself charged with the defense of the Alpha Quadrant and also challenged to explore strange new worlds. It’s current mission, “The Fate of Us” finds the Argonaut clearing an old Federation outpost that was last used as a hospital. Unfortunately, the Hospital was bombarded, leaving few survivors.

When FNS asked Jason if he had any advice for struggling or new COs, he replied, “The first thing keep your head up. Things will always happen in the simming world, sometimes those things can bring you down. Give everyone a chance in your sim, you will never know who will be great with a little help and training.”

Jason even declares that the Admiralty and even one’s own crew are excellent resources for help should it ever be needed. And of course, “Having fun is the most important thing of all and very important it is a game.”

Much more is in store for the intrepid crew. After all, the Argonaut is just getting started.