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September 2019 Monthly Awards

October 23, 2019

Hello, one and all! It’s that time of the year where I announce the September 2019 monthly awards! Keep an eye out for my October 2019 monthly report Saturday morning where I will announce the Third Quarter Player and Simulation, as well as some other fun treats!

Players of the Month (TF38)

Michele AKA LT Mara Sladi, USS Ascension and Nicole AKA LT Nicole Anderson,  USS Victory

In lieu of a nomination last month, it was decided that two nominations for excellence and activity this month would be appropriate. Well done!

Sim of the Month (TF38)

USS Newton

“Since their arrival, both the CO and XO have been active in shaping Task Force 38’s new canon with a new species along with writing great posts that keep the reader engaged!”

Player of the Month (TF64)

Commander Gabbi Moretti, USS Alexandria

“Commander Gabbi Moretti is a fearless leader and a wonderful first officer, with a big heart. The character has such compassion, yet at the same time, she knows when to take charge and lead
her people.”

Sim of the Month (TF64)

Endeavour NX-06

“For remaining an excellent place and for roleplay and character development in the NX era.”

Post of the Month (TF64)

Welcome to the Neighborhood” – Endeavour NX-06.

Selected by the TFCO as September post of the month! Written by Lieutenant Palivericas zh’Tem IMD.

Player of the Month (TF72)

Lt Cor’ens, USS Hypatia

“Having now stepped into the role of Second Officer (IC) and Assistant Game Manager(OOC) Lynda has been a wonderful collaborator and drives forward stories with a character who is deep and mindfully written.”

Sim of the Month (TF72)

USS Sutherland

“After consistently receiving multiple nominations month after month, it is clearly the will of the Task Force that the Sutherland be recognised for its continuous contributions to TF72 canon and for providing a good, fun game for all its players.”

Post of the Month (TF72)

Near to the Wild Heart of Life” – USS Pandora

Featuring Nyx Temple (Temple) and Emilie Temple.

Player of the Month (TF93)

Lieutenant Christine Descharmes, USS Shanghai

“I’m going to nominate Christine Descharmes again. I always feel its a little unfair to put someone in the running multiple times, and I feel like I have nominated her so many times. Christine has helped a lot this month though, with a lot of good posts, subplots, extra behind the scenes work, future plot lines, and helping me work through current plots. She is always willing to jump in and help get something going, to create or bring in an NPC to move things along. She’s really kept a high quality of the post and is quick to work with every member of the crew. She is one of the best players and a great member to have. I’m happy to have been able to play alongside her for so many years, and she absolutely deserves another win for Player of the Month.”

Sim of the Month (TF93)

USS Sirona

“They have posted a lot this month but the quality has been superb, I’ve really enjoyed reading their current storyline and seeing it come together at the end. Well thought out an came together nicely.”

Post of the Month (TF93)

“Lord Kilbane, Is It?” – USS Sirona

“It is a joint post between Lieutenant Kevin Kilbane, and Lieutenant Annalise Harrington. It starts to show the layers of Kilbane under his super professional demeanor, and Counselor Harrington’s assessment that the demeanor is helping him deal with something.”

Player of the Month (TF99)

Lieutenant JG Atrorius S’harien

Reason 1: I am going to nominate Lieutenant JG Atrorius S’harien (aka Michael) for this award. Unlike others who I have nominated, Michael is very much still around and not giving up on being as active as he can be around the simulation in both an In Character and an Out of Character sense. He is always willing to get some writing done and be part of the crew, his additions to joint posts and the mission as a whole are of great improvement from when he first arrived and he has not strayed away from being as much a top poster as anybody else could be. He wants to see the simulation succeed into the future and he has the drive to make those advances and to help push others to keep posting. One perfect example is a joint post I wrote with Michael, we had almost 1000 words written inside 24 hours, which was amazing and it wasn’t just a bunch of one-liners, there was a great deal of detail in the post and it was at a natural conclusion in that time, and rather than having to push him or someone else to add something of substance, it was Michael doing that for me. He brings the best writing out of everyone and it is a pleasure to have him on the

Reason 2: Michael aka Lieutenant JG Atrorius S’harien, is a shinning beacon of what a role player should achieve to become. He is very active, and engages in the story. The first reason listed above is proof of that example.

Sim of the Month (TF99)

Starbase 400

“Reason 1: Starbase 400, is a very active sim. That has over 20 years of story telling. They are currently working on their historic milestone of 100 episodes. Thi sis one the premiere sims, in Star Trek Role Play writing.

Reason 2: Starbase 400  –  I just love this sim,  how large it is and how well they all write together.”

Post of the Month (TF99)

The Assault, (Part 1) – Starbase 400

The Assault series was a great write up, it turned into a four part story arc, within episode 100. Mike Bremer, and his team of writers take you on an adventure of Starbase 400 being attacked, and his crew coming together to stop the attack.