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Security Office Report #1 – Lots to Come!

February 11, 2024

Good day everyone, and welcome to my first official Security Office report of 2024! I am honored to have been selected to step into the role that Rob Mackenzie, otherwise known as FG on Discord, held for over three years, and I want to thank him for all that he’s done to support Bravo Fleet and the Security Office in that time. I am also very pleased to remind everyone that he will be remaining on staff, helping out and supporting mainly Star Trek: Online and World of Warships.

I am also pleased to report that Henry Maxwell has been selected to become our newest Staff Assistant! Henry has demonstrated thorough knowledge, not just with Star Trek games (though he’s very proficient in many!), but of many other games and genres as well, and he has some great ideas on how to grow Bravo Fleet’s gaming presence even further. I look forward to his contributions to the team moving forward! Congratulations Henry!

I am very excited to step into this new role, and I look forward to growing our gaming presence within our organization! A little about me… Most of you know me as Starbuck on Discord. I joined Bravo Fleet in January 2023 and have been TFXO of TF47, and TFCO of both TF47 and TF86 in that time. I really enjoy Bravo Fleet; there really is nothing quite like it anywhere else! And to that end, I’m very proud to give back and help where I can. And finally, my door is always open! Please always feel free to reach out to me on Discord if you have any ideas on new games, or how we can do things better. I would love to hear from you!

I wanted to take a moment, not only to introduce myself, but to also give a little insight on some of the things you can look forward to from the Security Office as we move further into 2024:

Star Trek: Online

First and foremost, the main area that we will be focusing on expanding our activity this year will be in Star Trek: Online! This is not to say that we won’t be exploring other games and ideas as well, however the simple fact is STO remains the largest gaming platform to reach other Star Trek fans/gamers, and as such it is the best place to recruit new players and members for Bravo Fleet. I also want to point out that, for now, most of these efforts will be focused on the PC side of things as that is the largest and most popular area of the game (though if there are any console players willing to host some of the below events, please reach out to me and we’ll get it organized!).

Here are some of the things coming soon that you can look forward to!

Weekly & Monthly Themed Events

Starting soon, we will be implementing some regular gaming nights in the form of weekly and monthly events within STO. These events will also all have a specific theme to them to give the event some flavor rather than doing endless amounts of random TFOs. Some of the themes that we’ve been tossing around include:

  • Battlezones! – During this event, we will meet and group up to take on one of the many different battlezones in the game. The choice of battlezone will rotate as well, so every event will be at a new location to keep things fresh and fun! I highly recommend progressing your character through as much of the main storyline as you can so you do not miss out on potential game nights of battlezones you have not yet unlocked!
  • Red Shirt Onslaughts! – During this event, we will run advanced difficulty or higher ground TFOs! Bring out your best red shirt uniform and join in on the carnage! The key is survival!
  • Themed Ship Nights – For this event, we plan to host several different themed ship nights where the only requirement to join would be to bring a ship of the same theme! For example, one night will be all escorts, another night will be science ships, then we will do carriers, and so on. This can be any ship/faction you want, so long as it’s the specific type of the event! We would be running random TFOs for these events, with the difficulty level of those TFOs to be decided by the in-game group participating.
  • We have additional themes in mind, but we decided to start with these and see where it goes from there. If you have any other ideas for themed events, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me to propose the idea! Given that most of these events can be held weekly, we would love to get some volunteers to host some of these events as well. If you’d be interested in hosting an event and earning some ribbons with your fellow Bravo Fleet members, please let me know and we’ll set something up!

Fleet Holding Competitions

One of the most exciting new competitions we’re eager to announce are the new Fleet Holding Competitions! These events will run for one month, and the way you participate is by donating resources (fleet marks, experience, energy credits, etc.) to the fleet holdings within our fleet in STO!

At the start of the competition, we will save a report on everyone’s current fleet holding donations in the fleet. Then, at the end of the competition, we will take another report and the winners will be determined by the large increases! The winners will receive awesome prizes, which will be revealed in the first competition’s announcement! Keep an eye out for this awesome competition!

The above events and competitions are just some of the things that we’re excited to share with you, but rest assured that there is plenty more to come during the rest of 2024! As always, if you have any ideas for future competitions, or if you’re interested in helping out and hosting some of these game nights, please reach out to me! We would love to have all the assistance we can get!

Game Nights in Bravo Fleet!

As mentioned above, Star Trek: Online isn’t the only avenue that we’re excited to explore. While STO will be the major focus of 2024, there are several other game night options that we’re excited to potentially host down the line! Though this list will greatly depend on community interest, some of the games we’re considering are:

Depending on the interest of the games above, these also have the potential of being expanded into officially supported games in the Bravo Fleet Gaming Policy. If you have an idea of a popular game that everyone might enjoy playing together, please reach out to me and let me know! I’m always eager to hear your ideas!

I know a lot has been mentioned above, but I hope that we’ve got you excited on where the Security Office is heading in 2024. We’re looking forward to the future of Bravo Fleet gaming and we’re excited to share it with you all!

Live long and prosper!