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Profile: Commodore Cantos

January 11, 2017

Federation News Service: Today we’re here with the new TFXO for Task Force 99, Commodore Graham Cantos also known as Fallon in BF’s IRC and RSB Forums. It’s not to have you Commodore. If we may ask, what’s your real name?

Josh Cochenour: Thank you, my name is Josh Cochenour.

FNS: Well, let’s get to it. How long have you been simming?

JC: Almost twenty years now, but if you want to be specific, it’ll be 19 years I’ve been at it this year.

FNS: Wow, that’s a long time! Where did you start simming?

JC: I started out as a teenager back in the old MSN chat days of simming. I met that guy, Kai, and he had a simm he was running there. I was bored one night and I’ve always watched Star Trek as a kid, so I went in to see what it was all about. I’ve pretty much been simming ever since then.

FNS: Very interesting way to start. How long have you been in BF?

JC: This time around? Two years consecutively now. I’ve been in it a handful of times over the years on various ships, usually some idea Kai had cooked up and wanted help with. A few other times on my own for a few months at a time, but usually left after disagreements with the CO or something similar.

FNS: I understand that, but at least you always come back. What sims are you apart of now?

JC: Currently in BF I’m on Starbase 400 and the Devonshire, that I’m using as my TFXO character’s flagship. One or two other indie simms and one that’s not trek related.

FNS: How did it feel when you were named TF99’s XO?

JC: Honestly? It surprised the hell out of me. It was surprising enough to learn I’d been named as a candidate for the position, but to actually get it? That was a bit of a shocker. I’d had command of one sim at that point for about a year and a half, not to mention it was my first command ever, not just in BF, so I didn’t have the experience that some of the other possibilities had.

FNS: I’m sure whoever nominated you and TF99’s CO saw you had what it takes to make a good TFXO! Any vision or ideas you have to make TF99 better?

JC: What I’m trying to do right now is come up with some way to tie all the sims together to create a TF wide canon like the rest of the fleet has. Considering the different era’s, not to mention alternate universes, that are all part of 99 it’s a difficult task, but that hasn’t stopped me from trying.

FNS: Ambitious for sure! Let’s shift gears, why do you enjoy simming?

JC: Everyday life can be stressful and simming is a good way to relieve some of that stress. It lets you get your mind off of things and do something completely different. With star trek there’s so many possibilities and ways to explore issues, even the things we face in the real world. Besides, we were all kids once, and what kid didn’t have the idea of being a hero, or an explorer, or anything along those lines? And for most of us, unless you know a lot of science, there’s not many ways to do the sort of exploring we thought of, or saw on television as kids. I mean what is there not to like about having another way to do that?

FNS: Great reason, and ones I think most of us can agree with. What drew you to Bravo Fleet?

JC: As I said, I’ve been on several simms in BF over the years. I knew a few people and joined their simms. I find it easier to get started into something with people you know rather than with people you don’t. Its longevity didn’t hurt either. Not many fleets out there can say they’ve been around 20+ years. If it’s lasted that long, it must be doing something right, so why not start there?

FNS: Josh, thank you for taking the time to sit down with us. Much success to you.

JC: Thank you.