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Profile: Admiral T’Lar

October 6, 2016

“We’re here today with one of the longest active simmers in BF. Mel, known to many in BF as Admiral Deela T’Lar. She is currently the Executive Officer of Starbase 400 and recently received the Player of the Quarter award from the Hall of Honor. Mel also plays Doctor Romaine aboard the USS New Hampshire, also in Task Force 99.”

FNS- “Mel, thank you for joining us today. Let’s get right to it, when did you get into simming?”

Mel – “It was so long ago, I can’t remember exactly. I think it was back in 1997 or 1998. My husband and I had just gotten our first desk top computer and I looked up Star Trek and found a chat room. I’d never heard of a RPG or Sim until I was invited to join one. Been hooked ever since.”

FNS- “That sounds like a lot of us that got into simming way back then. How many characters do you currently have, and which sims are they apart of?”

Mel- “I have four characters that are active right now. In BF, two are on Starbase 400 and one is on the USS New Hampshire. And then there is the USS Dreadnought which is an independent sim.”

FNS- “Four? I’m sure that keeps you busy. What other sims have you been a part of in the past?”

Mel- “The USS Aquarius, USS George Washington, USS Yorktown, USS Conqueror, USS Miranda, USS Pioneer and the USS Nautilus, to name a few. There were also a few that were short lived.”

FNS- “That’s quite a of BF’s original group! What positions have you held in Bravo Fleet before?”

Mel- “I was at one time Task Force 72 Executive Officer then the Commanding Officer.”

FNS- “How long have you been a part of the Starbase 400 sim?”

Mel- “I’ve been a part of Starbase 400 with another character since the beginning, even before it was Starbase 400 when it was still the USS Pegasus. But if we are talking just about T’Lar, I’ve been a part of it since January of 2012.”

FNS- “Since the beginning in 1997? That’s a long time! I know in 2012 you merged your USS Essex sim with Starbase 400, but would you consider running your own sim again?”

Mel- “I’ve thought about it many times but truthfully, I enjoy not having to worry about thinking up missions to do (not my strong point) or having to worry about losing players or recruiting. Besides, if I want to take my ship out and do a separate mission, I have the freedom to do so. I have the best of both worlds where I am at now.”

FNS- “That is awesome, a lot of freedom, definably the best of both worlds for sure. You were recently awarded Bravo Fleet Player of the Quarter, what advice would you give other players to improve their play?”

Mel- “I was and it was quite a pleasant surprise. Best advice. Post, post, post. The more you post, people remember you. For example, I was on one sim and I posted once month and no one ever noticed my character and it was lonely. I got bored and it wasn’t fun for me anymore. But when I started posting more, I was noticed and then people started asking to do joint posts with me. And it became fun once again. Also, find people to write with. And most of all, just have fun with it.”

FNS: “That is good advice. Why do you enjoy simming?”

Mel- “I love Star Trek and this is a perfect way to be part of it. Plus, I get to write with very talented writers who have the same passion of simming as I do. It’s also a stress reliever. When I’ve had a bad day, writing is quite therapeutic for me. I also have made great online friends as well. And I plan to keep simming as long as there are Star Trek sims to join or until I’m not able to write anymore.”

FNS- “I think we can all agree with your reasons to sim! What’s something you like about Bravo Fleet?”

Mel- “Most of the Star Trek simming world knows of Bravofleet. It’s a great place to find sims to join.”

FNS- “What’s something you like about Starbase 400?”

Mel- There’s so many. All of the writers…definitely. The missions and story lines are great. And there is so much more to write about on a Starbase than a Starship.”

FNS- “Thank you for sitting with us, and giving some advice and insight. It’s been an honor. Best of luck to you in your simming future.”

Mel- “It was my pleasure, thank you.”