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Picard Season 2 – Canon and Rank Sets

March 5, 2022

On March 3rd, the new season of Star Trek: Picard hit our screens! First, let me stress that this announcement contains no spoilers for the events of the first episode. Anyone discussing the new season on our Discord should keep their conversation to the spoilers channel, and be particularly mindful that the show is not enjoying a simultaneous worldwide release.

However, it is a simple fact that Bravo Fleet’s timeline is concurrent with Picard’s. I for one am very excited about what comes next, and not just as a fan – but as Loremaster, it’ll be my responsibility and pleasure to incorporate any new canon from the dawning 25th century into our fleet canon. That will come at the end of the season, though; once we have everything we need to know, we’ll update the wiki, add ships if they need adding, adjust lore if it needs adjusting, and all of that good stuff. There may be minor retcons (I anticipate very few), and if anything striking happens, guidance will be included in the announcement of any major canon after the final episode. For now, carry on writing in early 2400 with the content on the wiki standing, and enjoy yourselves.

There is one minor exception to delaying new canon, though, and it’s not in world-building, ship classes, major events, or anything like that. It’s uniforms. Season 2 of Picard has given us some lovely new Starfleet uniforms, and our graphics team has been on it. Members are welcome to utilise those uniforms in their writing, art, and on their character biographies.

That’s right – bios. I am pleased to announce that our hard-working Emily has already produced a gorgeous set of rank insignia for the 2400s, as you can see:

You can already update your bios accordingly. There’s even a whole new set of rank insignia for the uniforms of the 2380s, as seen in the flashbacks in Picard Season 1. It’s great work, and I look forward to updating my crew rosters accordingly. You may all make use of them at your leisure.

Otherwise, crack on writing, gaming, role-playing, and we’ll see what else Picard has in store for us.