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Operational Report – Task Force 38 – November 2019

December 20, 2019

News from the Task Force

First and foremost, if you missed it the first time around, we have refreshed the TF38 canon! With the impending changes due to the Picard series, and how little it is expected to impact the Delta Quadrant as a whole, we made the decision to do the 10 year time jump. The details of the rest of the canon announcement can be found here: There’s a lot there, so if you haven’t, please take a look!

November being the start of what is traditionally the “Holiday Season,” things are moving but not at a super-fast pace (except for the crew of the USS Apollo, who apparently want to write joint posts until their fingers bleed), which is fine by us! Traditionally Bravo Fleet slows down a little during the Holidays, as people take time away to spend time with their families.


New Arrivals: 

The Task Force Senior Staff is happy to announce a few new additions as of this month.

  • Starbase 38 – The primary base of operations for the Task Force, Starbase 38 is located at the mouth of the Barzan Wormhole, on the Alpha Quadrant side. It’s also one of the Federation’s newest class of starbase. As the nominal Task Force HQ, we’re excited to see what stories develop, and how it will help drive the overall canon of the Task Force!
  • USS Ganymede – Selfishly honking my own horn here, but this is the sim of the TFCO. A Luna class starship commanded by an eclectic crew, the stories told on the Ganymede will focus on exploration, diplomacy, and as of right now, sticking it to the Devore Imperium.
  • USS Arcturus – This magnificently massive Odyssey class starship is a fiction run by the TFXO and will serve as the flagship of the Nacene Reach Task Group (the Nacene Reach being the areas Voyager explored in it’s first couple of seasons.) We’re excited to see what comes from the Arcturus!
  • USS Meridian – The Meridian is the newest member of the Task Force, based on a Defiant class starship. This rough and rowdy little ship is sure to push out a lot of great additions to the overall Task Force Storyline. How can a ship like a Defiant handle being in the Delta Quadrant for so long with such a limited amount of access back home?!
  • USS Apollo – The Apollo continues in the themes of the show we all came to write here because we love. Also in the Nacene Reach area of operations, and as a small but mighty Rhode Island class, it’s perfectly suited for missions of both exploration and diplomatic endeavors, as the Task Force attempts to make contact with the races originally encountered more than 30 years ago.



We’re excited for what’s on the horizon in TF38, and how we’re going to tell amazing stories about a Quadrant with such a rich canon and lore already. Only good things coming out of the Task Force, and we hope you’re along for the adventure as well!

Wherever in the world you are, whatever your beliefs, and whatever your race, gender identity, and orientation, on behalf of myself and the Task Force Senior Staff: I hope the next few weeks bring you joy and happiness, and I wish each and every one of you all the best for a prosperous and fascinating 2020.


Live Long and Prosper.