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Operation Homestead Launches Tonight!

October 10, 2021

The day has come for us to begin Operation Homestead! The purpose of this event is to give us all a chance to dive into some activities that will take us away from the epic fleet-wide stories we’ve been working on in the Archanis Campaign and the Echoes of the Tkon Fleet Action to focus instead on character-building, and fleshing out the lore of the various environs we have available to us here in Bravo Fleet.

Unlike a campaign or a fleet action, only a general story theme has been suggested, which you are free to engage with how you please, and the competitions are designed to reward activity related to the wiki and fleshing out your command. Each Task Force will be offering several competitions during their own event weeks.

If you don’t yet have your own command, don’t worry! Participation in Operation Homestead is a great way to tailor your activities to earn that coveted Lieutenant Command promotion, as there will be at least 26 competitions during this period and plenty of opportunities to write fiction, game in STO and World of Warships, and organize competitions of your own! If you have an idea for a competition (regardless of whether it fits into this theme) run it by your TFCO and they can help you get it ready to submit to the OCS.

To help guide your participation/thinking in this event, I encourage you to read the wiki article on your task force’s headquarters! Unlike most other kinds of competitions, the very nature of the operation-wide competition will require things to be done in public, so I encourage you to strategize with your friends and bounce around ideas. After all, it’s all about playing in our collective sandbox, so there’s no need to do that in a vacuum.

Operation-wide Competitions (October 11 through December 12)

  • Venues of Bravo Fleet – Describe a venue (shop, bar, restaurant, etc.) on your TFHQ or Starbase Bravo
  • Lounges of Bravo Fleet – Update your command’s wiki article with a description of its main lounge
  • Respite Fiction – Submit the best service-ribbon-earning story about shore leave
  • Downtime Posts – Submit the best duty-ribbon-earning post about shore leave
  • Headquarters Logos – Design a logo for one of Bravo Fleet’s headquarters
  • Bartenders, Chefs, Waiters, and Barbers of Bravo Fleet – Write a biography for a supporting character on your command

These competitions will unlock in just about an hour and a half (0000 GMT), at the same time that Task Force 17 announces its own contributions to this event, so let’s get excited to dig into Operation Homestead!