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October 2019 Monthly Awards

November 21, 2019

Hello, one and all! It’s that time of the year where I announce the October 2019 monthly awards. Please be advised I will be announcing Quarterly Awards in my following announcement post. I will also advise all award winners that I will be updating the Hall of Honour tomorrow to reflect the award received tomorrow, once I get some sleep following a major class assignment.

Player of the Month (TF64)

Lt. J.G. Clara Wilson, USS Augusta

Selected by the TFCO as Player of the Month.

Sim of the Month (TF64)

USS Alexandria

Selected by the TFCO as Sim of the Month.

Post of the Month (TF64)

Bad News, USS Minerva

Selected by the TFCO as September post of the month! Written by Lieutenant Palivericas zh’Tem IMD.

Player of the Month (TF72)

Lieutenant Daniel Walsh, USS Ark Royal

“For good activity, strong contributions to the story, and playing an important, supportive role during the Ark Royal’s change of GM and story.”

Sim of the Month (TF72)

USS Hypatia

“The game has shown good activity and strong ideas while working on transitioning to TF72 and growing their numbers, and they deserve recognition for their enthusiasm this month.”

Player of the Month (TF93)

Lieutenant Wale School,  USS Shanghai

“For this month, based on the nominations and my own glance through, I’m going to choose Wale Scholl. As always, Wale puts forward a lot of good posts – a bit of a playboy outside of the main mission, but a good science officer during. As a writer, he always chips in and brings interesting twists and realistic additions to the world. His involvement in the main missions has led to a lot of worldbuilding on the colony and the worlds visited by the Shanghai, and Shune Bay is a perfect example. His use of believable and exact technobabble can make you lose yourself in the story. Pair all of this with a reliable posting and a willingness to engage quickly with new players to draw them into the fold – we’re lucky to have him, I think.”

Sim of the Month (TF93)

USS Shanghai

“Recommend the USS Shanghai for Sim of the month. From what I see, it has a large and active crew, with an interesting storyline. It also seems to be able to balance posts with not just mission posts, but personal ones as well. It’s exploration based mission sounds interesting too, and can lead to some interesting missions. I look forward to hearing more about their adventures. Great activity, excellent posts.”

Post of the Month (TF93)

Behind Closed Doors”, USS Shanghai

“For this month, I’ll be highlighting an ongoing relationship post. James and Christine posted Behind Closed Doors, which is such a simple post and idea in the ongoing subplot between the two that it eschews a lot extras. There is nothing distracting from the story presented. These are two players that have been with the Shanghai for years, and two have been in a relationship for a long time (years). And it shows. Both are excellent writers, and a quiet moment between the two is a breath of fresh air and a very enjoyable read. It is a great post, and of a type that is often overlooked.”

Player of the Month (TF99)

Fleet Admiral Mike Bremer, Starbase 400

“Reason 1: Per several members of the sim, FAdm. Bremer was nominated for player of the month. This is SB400’s 100’s episode and SB400 turned 24 years old during this episode. The episode was a surprise for the members and Mike drove the plot. Many players coincided the episode a huge success because of the episodes that built up to it and what the future holds for the sim.

“Reason 2: I 100% agree with the above reason given. As a member of Starbase 400 crew, I can vouch and truly feel that Mike is deserving of this award. He has led his sim for over 24 years, and episode 100 was an incredible achievement. I tip my hat off to him, and glady give him player of the month award for October 2019.”

Sim of the Month (TF99)

Tau Lyrae

“Reason 1: Tau Lyrae gets my nomination. With the passing of Colonel Alete Strom, I think its fitting we award her sim, sim of the month. This sim has been a shining example during her tenure, and deserves to go out in a high note.

Reason 2: I am nominating Tau Lyrae for the award this month. They have just lost their Commanding Officer and their friend and the fleet has lost a member. I didn’t know Debra at all, but I enjoyed reading what Tau Lyrae had to offer. I feel strongly that regardless of anything else this month, the fleet has lost a strong advocate and lover of what we are all here to do, to write and enjoy writing Star Trek stories, and regardless of anything else, regardless of fleet politics and what-not, we have members of our community who are grieving right now. An award might not be the thing that people think about in a moment like this, but I think to honour the memory of Debra that this fleet should award the Sim of the Month award to Tau Lyrae this month.”

Post of the Month (TF99)

That New Posting Feeling, USS Excalibur

“Reason: I quite liked this post from our Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Ensign Noah Maritz. The player, Teresa, had been absent from the sim for a couple of months due to personal commitments and family matters but had been able to return this month once things had settled down and at the moment this post had come out, we were at the beginning of a two-year time jump from 2389 to 2391 and as such, it just made perfect timing for Teresa to jump straight back into writing and the storyline without having to worry about catching up on what she had missed, she was able to just send out this post, not only to get herself back into posting on the simulation but also into the storyline. The way that she has used not only the two-year gap in time to her advantage but also the absence of her character from the storyline has made this post much more than what it was intended to be and the use of an animal throughout the post was a great personal touch.”