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November 2015 Players of the Month

December 19, 2015

The Hall of Honours team is proud to congratulate the following players on being awarded the Player of the Month award for November 2015. The Player of the Month (of a Task Force) has shown superior roleplaying ability for the past month. They are nominated by their respective CO upon which the award is issued on behalf of the TFCO by the Hall of Honour, so it is important that you get your nominations in each month. Can we all please congratulate these fine simmers in our community on being named November 2015 Players of the Month. Your awards will shortly be confirmed to you all on the Bravo Fleet Wiki.

Task Force 9 Player of the Month – Captain Harvey Geisler, USS Blackhawk
Andrew has for years now maintained the Black Hawk as an active and great sim. His skills are recognized by both his crew as well as his peers inside the TF and of course his superiors. He is an absolute asset to Task Force 9.

Task Force 38 Player of the Month – Commander Adren Noth, USS Excelsior
I must say that the reason for this award is two fold. First the player is an active participant on his the sim as well as actively helping me prepare the task force for the launch of the canon. The fact that he also has worked on graphics for me and is always willing to assist with anything required. This month I have chosen Bahrat (Commander Adren Noth) as Player of the Month due to his tireless work

Task Force 72 Player of the Month – Glin Ersel Meret, Deep Space 12
I am nominating Glin Ersel Meret (Cardassian/Federation Liason) from Deep Space 12. The Commanding Officer noted that ” After a slow start, mainly due to problems with receiving email notifications of joint posts, Anna-Maria has become a productive member of the team. She has thrown herself into life aboard DS12 and has created an NPC to become involved in the crisis on Gaspar.”

Task Force 93 Player of the Month – Lieutenant JG Tyler Vorran, USS Tornado
Lieutenant JG Tyler Vorran is an active member of the USS Tornado and a collaborative member of the Task Force. Recently, when his Commanding Officer had to pull back from the Tornado for a while, he said that Lieutenant Vorran was one of the driving factors keeping the sim going.

Task Force 99 Player of the Month – 2nd Lieutenant Erin Ishay, Endavour
Task Force 99 awards Kaichi (2nd Lieutenant Erin Ishay of the Endeavour) with our Player of the Month award. According to the Endeavour’s CO, “she has been very active over the past two months and always helps to drive the mission forward. She likes to be involved in everything that is going on and is a great treat to have on my ship.”