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No Rest For The Weary

November 13, 2015

(Starbase 400-Stardate 69354.7) Hello again, this is Joseph Cronkite reporting. With tensions easing here on Starbase 400 and across the Federation following the destruction of the Borg Unicomplex in the Grenarisa System and the Transwarp Hub being built in the Bra’val Badlands, life aboard this station has settled back into its usual monotony…that was until an unexpected guest showed up.

A Changeling has been discovered aboard Starbase 400. Reports from several sources seem to suggest that this Changeling could be one of the ‘One Hundred’ that the Founders sent out into the galaxy many years ago. Many of you may remember the Changeling known as Odo aboard Deep Space Nine was also one of the ‘One Hundred’. The Changeling aboard Starbase 400 goes by the name of Kratz and says he was found by the Krazzle some years ago. He believed himself to be one of a kind and seems to enjoy going places and impersonating people, seeing how long it takes for him to be discovered. Kratz says he has no knowledge of the Dominion, the Founders, or the Great Link. In an afford to not only help Kratz re-link with his people, and to further the growing cooperation between the Federation and Dominion, Fleet Admiral Bremer has sent word to Odo and the other Founders about Kratz’s discovery. Starbase 400 is currently awaiting a reply, but until then Kratz is being treated as a special guest.

In other news, the Federation News Service has received word that long time a Federation prisoner is being transferred from Starbase 400 to Earth by order of Sector JAG Officer Commander Norwell Cobb, with backing of the Starfleet Command CnC Fleet Admiral Alynna Nechayev. That prisoner is none other than the Mirror Universe duplicate of Mike K’Wor Bremer. A violent, ruthless, and skilled warrior, Bremer’s duplicate has twice attempted to murder FAdm. Bremer and impersonate him. After his arrival in our universe, and after his first attempt to impersonate FAdm. Bremer failed, the duplicate Bremer assisted the Dominion during the Dominion War. After his capture following his second attempt he’d been held in the maximum security penal facility on Titan and then later transferred to Starbase 400’s maximum security brig. Now, years later, Commander Cobb wants to re-question the duplicate Bremer and says he has the ability to send him back to his own universe. Understandably, FAdm. Bremer is concerned. He not only doesn’t want to see his duplicate have the chance to escape again, but he is also unhappy JAG nor Starfleet discussed the plan with him first. A Federation ship with be at Starbase 400 soon for the prisoner exchange.

We will continue to follow up on these events, and more, as details become available. Until then, I’m Joseph Cronkite for the Federation News Service.