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New Wiki!

November 16, 2020

Coming to you straight from the basement in which I keep the Canon Team, the Lore Office proudly presents the brand spanking new Bravo Fleet wiki!

The previous Bravo Fleet wiki was old and sprawling. A beloved archive, for sure, but one of a bygone age. In updating Bravo Fleet lore for the Picard era, we kept finding artifacts of stories 5, 10 years old. Were they still BF canon? Should a member take everything on the wiki as gospel? In the end, we decided on a clean break. A new wiki for a new era. A lot of the information has, of course, moved over. But we’ve approached this by choosing what to keep, rather than choosing what to get rid of. Now everything should be accurate and up to date, rather than a fragment of some old story we’re not telling anymore. Here for your reference and your enjoyment, so you can get around to telling the new stories of 2399.

I encourage you to read the new introduction, and if you want to hop in and get involved, please check out our Submission Guide first (and you will need to register anew). But while wikis are fun, we’d rather you focus on storytelling, rather than on worldbuilding for the sake of it. This isn’t the beating heart of Bravo Fleet canon – this is the sourcebook. The beating heart is the writing on your games, or especially on the forums. We will fill the final gaps soon, and if you have questions, please ask!

This has been a lot of work in recent weeks. Credit for the new content goes to Task Force staff, past and present, who worked on many articles when they were responsible for half a quadrant each. Many other members of Fleet Staff have worked hard, particularly Vince, David, and Emily. I am grateful for all of this. But I would like to extend personal thanks to my hardworking Canon Team, who have produced content, provided proof-reading and editing, been sounding boards, and helped with the technical side of the wiki. My heartfelt gratitude to BrenMcGig, and SamAubrey.

Speaking of one of these bold folks, I have another announcement to make. I have enjoyed working alongside Bren these past weeks, so when he asked to formally join the Lore Office I knew at once what had to happen. Please join me in congratulating Bren on his appointment as the new Deputy Loremaster!

Now. This isn’t the last bit of exciting news the Lore Office will throw at you. I have at least one more treat, one which should appeal to the writers among you. But indulge me briefly in talking through how you engage with lore. The short summary: It’s not just, or even primarily, through sims.

Let me draw your attention to our forums: the beating heart of our fiction writing. Any member can hop in and start writing about their character’s adventures in Bravo Fleet. If you’re a Lieutenant Commander, just request a ship, start a thread in your Task Force’s section, and get writing. If you’re a junior officer, your Task Force section has a ‘sandbox,’ the IC TF Headquarters from which you can write, well, anything. Runabout missions. Adventures from your character’s past. It can be a vast sprawling narrative, it can be something small you write only when fancy takes you. Remember: you’re no longer limited to any region of the galaxy by your Task Force. Boldly go Anywhere.

If you would like to know more or have questions, please reach out to the Lore Office or your Task Force Senior Staff for assistance in getting started. There are always other paths: competitions themed around our lore, graphical work, sims themselves, but I encourage the creative writers among you to look to the forums as a first home.

And soon, the Lore Office will have more news…