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New TFXO in 99

May 9, 2017

We have a new TFXO in 99.

First I want to thank Solaris for his time as TFXO. Steve did really well and needed little guidance. He’ll do well as 72’s new TFCO.

Now, I’m happy to announce 99’s new TFXO is Camila Di Pasquale aka Commodore Aravan of the USS Triumphant. Congratulations! While the Triumphant has only been active in BF a year or so, the sim was active outside BF for several years prior. Reports are always in on time with little to no reminder, active in the discord chats, friendly and level personality, but like me doesn’t put up with foolishness…these are just some of the traits our new TFXO brings to the table.

Also, Josh aka jhina is still our Command Adjutant and while I gave long and serious thought of moving him to TFXO, his work with the Fleet HoH is vital and I didn’t want to short change the Fleet for the TF. Like Camila, Josh is still learning too and it’s my job to help teach the both.

I know 99 has been through several TFXOs in the last year or so, but they have moved on to bigger and better things so we must be doing something right in TF99!

I’ll be updating TF99’s BFMS info later today. Keep up the great work everyone!!