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New Task Force 25 AND Task Force 38 COs!

December 25, 2019

Greetings all! Christmas Day is not done for announcements! I’ve been really big on trying to convey our thought processes for full transparency as much as I can, so this will be no different.

A while back we created Task Force 25 to really embrace the episodic nature of Star Trek; Task Force 9 was in a bad way, and we wanted something we thought people would embrace a bit stronger. One-off stories that capture the imagination. I originally stepped in as TFCO because the task forces creator, Sean, was sliding over to be 38CO to fill in a much-needed gap at the time… or so we thought! At the time the current 38XO, David, was brand spanking new to the position and there were a couple of unknowns including his time availability which is why Sean was asked to take over 38 and work his magic. Since then, David has been absolutely rocking TF38 and working some magic of his own. In the meantime, my ability to be both BFCO and a TFCO has been incredibly difficult, to say the least.

Since we now have a good sense of how 38 is doing and it has essentially been rebooted from the ground up, the BFA recently voted (and confirmed by each TFs COs!) to shift Sean back over to his baby and creation, Task Force 25, to also alleviate me of some responsibilities and hand over the reins of 38 to David. David is finishing up a few things IRL, so we’re postponing the effective date until January 5th. However, since everything is pretty low on energy this time of year that will barely be a drop in the bucket.

Congratulations to David, and hooray for Sean taking over his creation!