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(New) New Member Program

April 29, 2023

I’m pleased to announce that the New Member Program has been fully revised and redone just in time for the upcoming Fleet Action. The New Member Program was brought online over two-and-a-half years ago, following our transition to the current model the fleet uses. Since then, there were many updates and upgrades to the way we do things, and the old program had several patch jobs that were finally to the point that we needed something fresh. For instance, many more things were self-reported in 2020 than they are now.

One of the main improvements has been to give folks better guidance on planning out their initial steps in the fleet when it comes to seeing what needs to be done to earn the first several promotions. Sample career paths are now provided to make that transition from Cadet to Lieutenant Commander a little smoother.

The new version of the New Member Program is accessible through the Academy Moodle. Even if you’re not a brand-new member, you’re welcome to explore this content. If you’re currently in the old New Member Program course, you’ll see that it’s been closed and the course abbreviation has been changed to NMP(D) for Deprecated. Note: you won’t get a second NMP badge if you already have one. Thanks to the Academy Team and BFC members for reviewing this content.