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New Graphics Request System

March 19, 2023

This is a short announcement to describe a change in the way that graphics requests will work going forward. Over the past few months, we’ve continued to have high demand for character images, ship banners, and other images through the request system on the BFMS. This system was designed before new features in Discord were created to allow for multiple conversations to occur in one area on a server. It has served us well, but after discussions with the Bravo Fleet Communications Officer and Bravo Fleet Engineering Officer, we have decided to switch to a Discord-based request system.

You will now see a new area on the server called Graphics Requests. This is a forum channel with a pinned thread linking to templates for requests. You will tag your request by category. It’s really straightforward. This system is available for all members ensign and above, as it was before.

In another change, we are formally opening the fulfillment of requests up to any member who’s interested, whether they are on the graphics team or not. This is to reflect the reality that our active graphics team is much smaller than the pool of artists we have in the fleet. Ship banners will continue to be filled by staff members (because we don’t wish to release that graphic template publically), but otherwise, artists are free to volunteer their services. Part of this is sanctioning the ability of members to negotiate commissions during this process. If a request goes un-answered for a few days, it will automatically go inactive.

Before you submit a request, consult the graphics policy and the submission instructions in this new area of the Discord. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in #artwork-help.